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Peter Punk

Peter Punk
Developing Self-Esteem, Citizenship, PSHE and Literacy Skills in the Literacy Hour for Key Stages 1 and 2

  • Sian Deane
  • Tina Rae - Tina Rae Well Being Training and Consultancy, Professional and Academic Tutor, University of East London

January 2002 | 276 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This programme provides the resources to teach and reinforce social and emotional skills during the daily Literacy Hour. Each lesson has the appropriate text level objectives for each school term, Years 2-6, with lesson learning intentions, stories, questions, comprehensive teacher notes, differentiated activity sheets, follow-up suggestions, cross-curricular links and plenary questions/statements.

Using this programme you can:

" fulfil the requirements of the literacy hour

" provide activities which are 'discursive, interactive, confident, ambitious'

" highly motivate your students.

This is an exceptional and exciting resource combining the literacy hour requirements with other teaching topics.

Introduction and Background
Lesson 1: This is Me!

Lesson 2: I Can

Lesson 3: Moving On

Lesson 4: Good Manners

Lesson 5: Organising Myself

Lesson 6: Feeling Good At

Lesson 7: Taking Turns

Lesson 8: Special Jobs 1

Lesson 9: Special Jobs 2

Lesson 10: Rule Breakers

Lesson 11: My Special Skills

Lesson 12: How Do I Look?

Lesson 13: Where Am I Now?

Lesson 14: How Do Others See Me?

Lesson 15: Writing Home

Lesson 16: Feeling Good When

Lesson 17: Feeling Facts

Lesson 18: Being a Friend

Lesson 19: Dealing with Difference

Lesson 20: Someone I Love

Lesson 21: Someone Who Loves Me

Lesson 22: You are a STAR!

Lesson 23: I am a STAR!

Lesson 24: Getting Stronger

Lesson 25: This is Me!


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ISBN: 9781873942796