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Reinvention Strategies in a Marketing Framework

First Edition
  • Rohit Choudhary - Additional Director General of Police, GRP HQ, Patiala, Punjab

July 2009 | 328 pages | SAGE India
While there is considerable discussion and criticism on the way the police force is functioning in India, there are no comprehensive alternative models presented for the police to aim and aspire towards. Policing: Reinvention Strategies in a Marketing Framework adopts a New Public Management (NPM) approach to police operations. The author presents a marketing plan for the Indian police force using the conventional framework in marketing management-comprising Current situation analysis, SWOT analysis, STP analysis and 8 Ps. He draws on both, management principles and the recent empirical work conducted in the police service and with appropriate improvisations situates them within the existing literature on marketing principles.

Marketing framework works by keeping the customer at the centre, a requirement that may hold the key to finding solutions to the issues that the police face in current times. Result of this exercise is a marketing plan that delivers superior value, builds profitable customer relationships and creates customer delight. In the end marketing orientation requires a well-developed and deeply rooted corporate philosophy that guides every part of the police department in all of its activities and operations.

Additionally, the book carries case studies related to police operations from all over the world with examples of how certain key issues are addressed by the police in other countries, and suggests ways in which their strategies can be adapted to the Indian context. Thus, the book not only analyses the prevailing situation in the police force in terms of efficiency, but also draws a clear roadmap for the overhauling of Indian police system.


Situational Analysis

Police Functions and Developing Trends

Reinvention Strategies in Marketing Framework







Customer Offering

Community Policing







Megadigm Shift for the Indian Police



The present volume is significant because it seeks to present an overall view of multiple dimensions—social, cultural, political and state level reforms—of globalization and development in India. Indeed, a volume of this kind is bound to attract the attention of professional social scientists as well as concerned citizens. It has a special charm because its twenty essays are written by eminent scholars, which makes the reader familiar with a wide range of issues relating to implications of globalization in India….. A volume of this kind let us hope, would inspire its readers to strive for what its editor wishes: ‘a democratic, egalitarian and sustainable development rather than the largely dependent development paradigm of globalization and reforms.

International Studies

Strikingly refreshing…[the author] is methodical and disciplined in presenting his thesis. His volume is a useful exposure to many of out officers who do not otherwise have the time to learn from the experiences of the fellow-policemen elsewhere in the globe.

The Hindu

For police to sell like merchandise, the author embarks on plans to improve its organisational culture incorporating changes in the police delivery scenario through (i) SWOT—strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and the threats besides (ii) Eight P's—people, products, price, promotion, pace, process, place and policies. A roadmap for the marketing plan that promises superior value, builds customer relationship and creates customer delight is the hallmark of the book…. The book, recommending identification of internal issues and external influences with the focus on customer satisfaction, high performance and newage entrepreneurial demands of the business, should be the 'Bible' for every policeman besides being a very well-documented research treatise.

The Tribune

The book is a…well-documented approach to the subject of policing…Rohit Choudhary duly brings to bear on the subject his long experience in the services….  This book deals with various aspects of police reforms in India and calls for a 'megadigm shift for the police system to attune it to democratic principles and a marketing framework.

The Pioneer

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