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Political/Cultural Identity

Political/Cultural Identity
Citizens and Nations in a Global Era

August 1997 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This broad-ranging and interdisciplinary text offers a rich overview of political and cultural identity. Changes across the political landscape from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the recent Islamic revival have profoundly altered the received ideas that define political cultures throughout the world. In this context, Peter W. Preston draws together diverse strands of literature to throw light on the impact on identity of a changing global environment. The book offers a helpful analysis of political, cultural, and economic identity, which lies at the center of individual actions and social structure. This analysis is fleshed out by a detailed examination of specific regional cases, including the realignment of Europe, the sharp rise of Pacific Asia, and the Americas after NAFTA. This unique blend of cultural theory and political analysis offers important and fascinating insights, making Political/Cultural Identity invaluable reading for students and academics across political, social, and cultural studies.

An Introduction to the Problem
The Received Notions of Identity
An Ethnographic/Biographical Approach to Identity
The Idea of Political-Cultural Identity
Global Changes and New Political-Cultural Identities
Changing Political-Cultural Identities in Europe
Changing Political-Cultural Identities in the USA
Changing Political-Cultural Identities in Pacific Asia
Locale, Network and Memory

`A tighly argued examination of the role of identities in contemporary global politics... the book confirms the growing importance of identity issues in IR' - International Affairs

`Political/Cultural Identity is impressive in both its scope and its range. It provides not only an innovative contribution to our understanding of collective identities, but also an authoritative survey of contemporary global change' - Kevin Robins, University of Newcastle

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