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Population and Society

Population and Society

First Edition

March 2013 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Population and Society is an undergraduate introduction to population that explains the latest shifts in population studies. The text provides a detailed and completely accessible overview that:

- situates demographic aspects of population - births, deaths, migration, disease - within the context of broader social impacts, like work, health and wealth inequalities;

- uses illustrative examples from the developed and developing world, avoiding a distinct UK, European or "Western" bias;

- is illustrated throughout with pedagogic features, like chapter opening summaries, concluding list of key terms, suggestions for further readings, case study examples ("boxes"), and a glossary and full index.

This text will be widely used as the standard and most up-to-date text on population and society for courses in the social sciences.

Transitions: Thinking about Population over Time
Population Projections and Data
Population Structures
Analyzing Fertility and Mortality
Living Arrangements
Family Formation
Health Inequalities
Population Futures


This textbook provides an excellent introduction to the study of population and its significance for many of the key social, political, cultural and environmental issues facing the world today. It covers population growth, ageing, migration and mobility, parenting, health inequalities, and much more. While stressing the complexity of population dynamics, it does a fine job of unpacking this by taking each aspect in turn and setting out the relevant theories, definitions, measures and research findings. The text is written in a highly accessible style, speaking directly to the reader about what 'you' should be learning at each point and why. It is helpfully illustrated by examples drawn from the UK and around the world and complemented by boxes with more detailed information. The authors do not shy away from areas of continuing debate, providing both sides of an argument and encouraging readers to follow up the original sources. Unusually for an introductory text, this is a book which draws the reader on and, once started, is quite difficult to put down.
Tony Champion
Emeritus Professor of Population Geography, Vice President, British Society for Population Studies, 2011-2013

a very well designed textbook that istys well with other texts on demography, but with a more social science bend to it

Mr Richard Kotter
Dept of Geography, Northumbria University
October 18, 2013

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