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Positive Psychology: A Workbook for Personal Growth and Well-Being

Positive Psychology: A Workbook for Personal Growth and Well-Being

Second Edition

August 2023 | 96 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Positive Psychology: A Workbook for Personal Growth and Well-Being is a companion workbook designed to accompany Compton and Hoffman’s Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness and Flourishing, 4e. The workbook aligns active learning and critical thinking applications with the twelve core chapters of Compton and Hoffman’s textbook, but could easily be a benefit to other Positive Psychology texts or support courses and texts where a workbook centered on growth, well-being, and mindfulness is desired. 

Chapter 1 • An Introduction to Positive Psychology
Chapter 2 • Foundations: Emotions, Motivation, and the Nature of Well-Being
Chapter 3 • Subjective Well-Being
Chapter 4 • Leisure, Flow, Mindfulness, and Peak Performance
Chapter 5 • Romantic Love and Positive Families
Chapter 6 • Positive Health
Chapter 7 • Excellence, Aesthetics, Creativity, and Genius
Chapter 8 • Well-Being Across the Life Span
Chapter 9 • Models of Optimal Well-Being
Chapter 10 • Religion, Spirituality, and Well-Being
Chapter 11 • Positive Institutions and Cultural Well-Being
Chapter 12 • A Look Toward the Future of Positive Psychology

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ISBN: 9781071821718