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Practising Human Geography

Practising Human Geography

First Edition

May 2004 | 440 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'Filling an enormous gap in the geographic literature, here is a terrific book that shows us how to think about and practice human geographic research' - Professor Jennifer Wolch, University of Southern California

`Practising Human Geography lucidly, comprehensively, and sometimes passionately shows why methodology matters, and why it is often so hard. To choose a method is to choose the kind of geographical values one wants to uphold. You need to get it right.These authors do' - Trevor Barnes, University of British Columbia

`Practising Human Geography is a godsend for students. Written in an accessible and engaging style, the book demystifies the study of geographical methodology, offering a wealth of practical advice from the authors' own research experience. This is not a manual of approved geographical techniques. It is a reflexive, critical and highly personal account, combining historical depth with up-to-the-minute examples of research in practice. Practising Human Geography is a comprehensive and theoretically informed introduction to the practices of fieldwork, data collection, interpretation and writing, enabling students to make sense of their own data and to develop a critical perspective on the existing literature. The book makes complicated ideas approachable through the effective use of case studies and a firm grasp of contemporary debates' - Peter Jackson, Professor of Human Geography, University of Sheffield

Practising Human Geography is a critical introduction to key issues in the practice of human geography, informed by the question 'how do geographers do research?' In examining those methods and practices that are essential to doing geography, the text presents a theoretically-informed discussion of the construction and interpretation of geographical data - including: the use of core research methodologies; using official and non-official sources; and the interpretative role of the researcher.

Framed by an overview of how ideas of practising human geography have changed, the twelve chapters offer a comprehensive and integrated overview of research methodologies. The text is illustrated throughout with text boxes, case studies, and definitions of key terms. Practising Human Geography introduces geographers - from undergraduate to faculty - to the core issues that inform research design and practice.

Changing Practices of Human Geography
An Introduction

Official Sources
Non-official Sources
Imaginative Sources
Talking to People
Observing, Participating and Ethnographies
Sifting and Sorting
Representing Human Geographies
The Politics of Practising Human Geography

Practising Human Geography gave me confidence to boast anywhere that I am a practicing Human Geographer just by providing information on basic Human geography concepts and ways and acts of human geographers.

Dr Olabisi Michael Olapoju
Geography, Obafemi Awolowo University
October 31, 2019

I will be adopting this as essential reading. From some of the key geographers of our time, this book expertly navigates the reader through a vast array of methodologies and methods for collecting, analysing and interpreting data. It does so while keeping up to date and drawing upon the key concepts and ways of thinking that are held in the wider social sciences.

Dr Karen Parkhill
Environment & Natural Resources, Bangor University
October 10, 2013

Generally useful text that covers a wide range of methodological techniques that are useful for undergraduates.

Particularly handy as an introductory text, giving useful insights into the doing of human geography which most texts lack.

Dr James Robinson
Department of Geography, University of Leicester
May 14, 2013

Recommended as one of several 'core' texts 2nd year students should consider purchasing to support their methods course.

Andrew Brooks
Department of Geography, King's College London
April 30, 2012

An excellent book which caters for both undergraduate and postgraduate levels

Dr Felicity Thomas
Department of Geography, Exeter University
June 14, 2011

This is a hugely valuable book, which re-sets the starting point for texts which are about doing human geography. 'Recommended' rather than essential simply because the module I teach is primarily a methods course - and this book goes a good deal further than just methods. By the same token, the book should travel on the students, as continue on to other modules and dissertationm projects. Our Masters students should look at it too.

Geography , Dundee University
February 9, 2010

This is an extremely rich overview of major debates and changes that have occurred in geography. The focus on practice (rather than theory or methods per se) is refreshing. My intention is to use the book to help students understand the shifting place of quantitative research - but other sections also look helpful.

Geography , Dundee University
January 8, 2010

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