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Why Corporations Should Care What People Think: The SAGE Encyclopedia of Corporate Reputation

July 21, 2016

With the growth of corporate advocacy and an increasing demand for disclosure and transparency, a corporation’s reputation is more valuable now than ever. How are organizations responding to new challenges, pitfalls and opportunities in today’s globalized, mediatized world? Out today, The SAGE Encyclopedia of Corporate Reputation explores the concepts and techniques organizations utilize to engage and work through these issues.

“Although the extraordinary growth of corporate reputation studies over the last three decades clearly indicates the vibrancy of this phenomenon, it also created a void in the literature,” wrote Editor Craig E. Carroll. “With the ever-widening range of antecedents, consequences, and contexts of corporate reputation coming from an equally wide range of disciplines, no single reference source captures the width, depth, and reach of the phenomenon.”

Containing approximately 300 signed entries available in electronic and print formats, The SAGE Encyclopedia of Corporate Reputation, a two-volume set, comprehensively overviews practices for identifying, building, measuring, monitoring, evaluating, maintaining, valuing, living up to and/or changing corporate reputations.

Features of the text include:

  • A bibliography of the Most Cited Articles on Corporate Reputation by Academic Discipline
  • Visual maps that denote the relationships between the various disciplines that touch upon corporate reputation studies
  • A History of Corporate Reputation, including a chronology, that follows the development of corporate reputation as a discrete field of study
  • A Resource Guide that lists classic books, key journals, associations, websites, and selected degree programs of relevance to corporate reputation
  • A comprehensive Index, which—in the electronic version—combines with the Reader’s Guide and Cross-References to provide thorough search-and-browse capabilities

“With the increasing public and media visibility of corporate reputation, there is a growing need for a resource appropriate for specialists and generalists in the field of corporate reputation that is also accessible to non-experts across an array of industries,” continued Carroll. “The SAGE Encyclopedia of Corporate Reputation is designed to fill this void.”

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The SAGE Encyclopedia of Corporate Reputation

May 2016                                  1,048 pages

ISBN: 978-1-4833-7651-6            Print Price: $375.00

eISBN: 978-1-4833-7649-3

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