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Primary English: Knowledge and Understanding

Primary English: Knowledge and Understanding

Tenth Edition
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June 2024 | 400 pages | Learning Matters
The essential subject knowledge text for primary English.
Secure subject knowledge and understanding is the foundation of confident, creative and effective teaching

The trainee teacher's guide to all the subject knowledge required to teach primary English.  Includes practical and reflective tasks to help deepen your understanding and self assessment tests to check your knowledge and identify areas where more study is needed.

This 10th edition has been updated throughout and is now linked to the ITT Core Content Framework. 

1 Introduction
2 Spoken English and Standard English
3 The nature of learning
4 The acquisition of language
5 Representing sound in writing
6 Words, vocabulary and morphology
7 The grammar of the sentence in Standard English
8 The components of sentences
9 Handwriting
10 Punctuation
11 Cohesion: grammar at the level of the text
12 The qualities of stories
13 The qualities of poetry
14 The qualities of drama
15 Looking at information books
16 Electronic texts
17 Looking more closely at children’s errors


"Primary English: Knowledge and Understanding," published by SAGE, is a vital resource for primary educators. This tenth edition, authored by Medwell, Wray, Moore, and Griffiths, offers current insights into English teaching, blending theory with practical classroom strategies. It's an essential guide for both trainee and experienced teachers.

Mrs Sarah Barton
Education, Portsmouth University
June 26, 2024
Key features
  • Popular and widely recommended core text for primary English subject knowledge
  • Comprehensive full guidance in one text
  • Includes interactive activities to engage learners
  • Now linked to the ITT Core Content Framework

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