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Primary Mathematics: Teaching Theory and Practice

Primary Mathematics: Teaching Theory and Practice

Eighth Edition
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June 2019 | 288 pages | Learning Matters

An extensive knowledge of the primary Mathematics curriculum is not enough for trainee teachers, they need to know how to teach Maths in the primary classroom.

This is the essential teaching theory and practice text for primary Mathematics that takes a focused look at the practical aspects of teaching. It covers the important skills of classroom management, planning, monitoring and assessment and relates these specifically to primary Maths, with new material on assessment without levels. And to support students even further with the very latest strategies in classroom practice, this 8th edition now includes online resources:

  • Practical lesson ideas for the classroom
  • The Primary National Curriculum for Mathematics in Key Stages one and two
  • Tips for planning primary Mathematics
  • Useful weblinks for primary Mathematics teaching

Part 1: Essentials of primary mathematics teaching theory and practice
Teaching strategies
Mathematics in the Early Years Foundation Stage
Assessment, recording and reporting
Children’s common mathematical misconceptions
Part 2: Progression in children’s understanding of mathematics

Great reading resource for the undergraduate course.

Mrs Karen Ann Amos
Faculty of Education, Health & Well-being (Walsall), Wolverhampton University
July 10, 2019

This, 8th edition, contains some useful updates from the 7th and this is a book which is very useful for situating the mathematic subject knowledge contains in its sister book. The combination of pedagogic knowledge and content knowledge is very important (Shulman) for trainees to develop and this well written yet research supported text helps with this.

Mr Paul Hopkins
Faculty of Education (Hull), Hull University
May 10, 2018
Key features
  • Helps trainees develop a confidence in their teaching by familiriasing them with the practical aspects of teaching primary Mathematics
  • Updated in line with the new National Curriculum

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: Introduction

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