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Project Management

Project Management
A Risk-Management Approach

September 2020 | 584 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
As the number, size, and complexity of projects continue to increase, there is a high demand for effective project managers. Project Management: A Risk-Management Approach prepares students to successfully navigate the many challenges, factors, and situations that project managers face. Authors Ted Klastorin and Gary Mitchell emphasize the importance of mitigating risk at every stage to show students how they can avoid common pitfalls that lead to project failures or incurred costs. Short cases, real-world examples, solved problems, and practice problems help bring concepts and methodologies to life. Readers will be equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to manage even the most challenging projects in the manufacturing and service sectors.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Project Management (PM)
Chapter 2: Project Initiation and Selection
Chapter 3: Project Planning
Supplement: Agile Project Management
Chapter 4: Defining Project Content
Supplement: Review of Probability and Distribution Functions
Chapter 5: Scheduling a Deterministic Project
Chapter 6: Project Trade-offs and Risk Mitigation
Chapter 7: Scheduling Stochastic Projects
Supplement: Monte Carlo Simulation
Chapter 8: Managing Project Resources
Chapter 9: Project Teams
Chapter 10: Managing Decentralized Projects
Chapter 11: Assessing Project Progress
Chapter 12: Managing a Multi-Project Environment
Key features
  • A focus on complex projects and associated risk management emphasizes critically important issues for the long-term survival and success of most organizations.
  • Unique coverage of topics includes decentralized projects, managing inventory and supply chains in projects, and new approaches to monitoring ongoing stochastic projects and updating budget and schedule forecasts.
  • Chapter-opening learning objectives identify what students should be able to accomplish upon completion of the reading; learning objectives also appear before relevant sections.
  • PM in Action boxes featuring real-world examples of projects and project managers emphasize what works or doesn’t work in particular projects.  
  • Spreadsheet models illustrate the issues that arise when planning and executing complex projects.
  • Case-based problems at the end of the chapters allow students to practice the skills they just learned; answers are provided for students to check their understanding.
  • Chapter-ending review questions allow students to examine topics and concepts that are not necessarily applied and cannot be assessed with a problem.
  • Summaries provide recaps of key chapter content by revisiting learning objectives.  
  • A running glossary defines key terms that are introduced as students progress through chapters; these key terms are listed at the end of the chapter in alphabetical order.

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