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Propaganda & Persuasion

Propaganda & Persuasion

Seventh Edition

August 2018 | 400 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Chapter 1: What is Propaganda, and How Does it Differ from Persuasion?
Propaganda Defined  
Jowett and O'Donnell's Definition of Propaganda  
Forms of Propaganda  
Subpropaganda/Facilitative Communication  
A Model of Propaganda  
Propaganda and Persuasion  
Rhetorical Background and the Ethics of Persuasion  
Propaganda as a Form of Communication  
The Demagogue/Propagandist  
Overview of the Book  
Chapter 2: Propaganda through the Ages
Ancient Greece and Alexander the Great  
Imperial Rome  
Propaganda and Religion  
The Rise of Christianity  
The Crusades  
The Reformation and Counter-Reformation  
The Emergence of Propaganda  
The American Revolution  
The French Revolution and Napoleon  
Propaganda in the 19th Century: The American Civil War  
Chapter 3: Propaganda Institutionalized
The New Audience  
The Emergence of Mass Society  
The Emergence of the Propaganda Critique  
The New Media  
Advertising: The Ubiquitous Propaganda  
Propaganda and the Internet: The Power of Rumor  
Chapter 4: Propaganda and Persuasion Examined
The Modern Study of Propaganda and Persuasion  
Research in Propaganda and Persuasion  
The Influence of the Media  
Cultural Studies  
Collective Memory Studies  
Chapter 5: Propaganda and Psychological Warfare
World War I and the Feat of Propaganda  
The Interwar Years, 1920 to 1939  
World War II  
Post-World War II Conflicts  
The Vietnam War  
The 1991 Gulf War: Mobilization of World Public Opinion  
A New World of Propaganda, 1960 to 2017  
Public Diplomacy  
Chapter 6: How to Analyze Propaganda
The Ideology and Purpose of the Propaganda Campaign  
The Context in Which the Propaganda Occurs  
Identification of the Propagandist  
The Structure of the Propaganda Organization  
The Target Audience  
Media Utilization Techniques  
Special Techniques to Maximize Effect  
Audience Reaction to Various Techniques  
Effects and Evaluation  
Chapter 7: Propaganda in Action: Four Case Studies
Case Study 1: Women and War: Work, Housing, and Child Care  
Case Study 2:  
Case Study 3: Big Pharma: Marketing Disease and Drugs  
The Opioid Crisis  
Chapter 8: How Propaganda Works in Modern Society
A Model of the Process of Propaganda  
The Process of Propaganda  

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