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Psychology and the Paranormal

Psychology and the Paranormal
Exploring Anomalous Experience

October 2020 | 424 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The field of research on the paranormal has changed enormously in the last 20 years. Examining  experiences of ESP, psychokinesis, precognition, ganzfeld, dissociative states, out-of-the-body experiences, alien abductions and near-death experiences, David Marks appraises the best available evidence to date on scientific claims of the paranormal. Each chapter also provides a description of the psychological processes that are likely to contribute to these experiences, and to the high prevalence of paranormal beliefs.

Importantly, this book does not take a fixed sceptical or ‘disbelieving’ view of the phenomena but, as far as possible, offers a neutral gaze which will equip readers to make up their own minds, as well as providing them with the critical skills to defend their conclusions.


Part I: Basic Principles and Processes
Chapter 1: Science and Anomalous Experience
Chapter 2: The Origins of Subjective Anomalous Experience
Chapter 3: Psychological Processes and Anomalous Experience
Part II: Subjective Anomalous Experience Claimed to be Paranormal
Chapter 4: Synchronicity
Chapter 5: Remote Viewing and Psychic Staring
Chapter 6: The Ganzfeld, Subjective Validation, and the Newly Discovered Sixth Sense
Chapter 7: Precognition and Dream ESP: Methodological Lessons in the Search For Deep Truth
Chapter 8: Psychokinesis, Dice and Random Number Generators: ‘Mind Over Matter’ en route to Neverland
Part III: Subjective Anomalous Experience Usually Not but Occasionally Claimed to be Paranormal
Chapter 9: The Hypnotic Trance as an Altered State Of Consciousness
Chapter 10: Out-of-Body and Near Death Experiences
Chapter 11: Homeostasis: Letting The Genie Out Of The Bottle
Part IV: Conclusions
Chapter 12: Take Home Message: Psi is a Spontaneous Process that Cannot Be Summoned at Will

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