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Public Crises and Personal Threat

Public Crises and Personal Threat

October 2024 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

With an emphasis on the practical, this book explains how people react to different sorts of crises, whether they be economic, environmental, health or war, and how we can better support the public, our families, and ourselves in future crises.

The book interrogates how public crises are individualised, thought about, emotionally felt, and also mistrusted, all with a view to helping us understand some of the most difficult times we endure.

Ideal for applied psychology students, public planning authorities and those specialising in crisis management this book will help us all to better understand the time we live in.

Dame Glynis M. Breakwell is Professor Emeritus at the University of Bath in the Department of Psychology and has Visiting Professorships at Imperial College, London and the University of Surrey.

Daniel B. Wright is Professor of Educational Assessment, in the Department of Educational Psychology and Higher Education, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Chapter 1: Public crisis? What crisis?
Chapter 2: Public crises are individualised
Chapter 3: Personal threat and thinking
Chapter 4: Emotions: public and personal
Chapter 5: Habits and habituation in public crises
Chapter 6: Attitudes, beliefs and values
Chapter 7: Social support during public crises
Chapter 8: Group dynamics in public crises
Chapter 9: Crises and trust
Chapter 10: Identity resilience and personal threat
Chapter 11: Beyond risk, post-catastrophe threat
Chapter 12: Nexus of crisis reactions

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