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Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

Fourth Edition
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October 2020 | 610 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management introduces students to purchasing and supply chain management by examining purchasing as it relates to other functions and systems within an organization, such as marketing, logistics, and operations. Author W. C. Benton, Jr. draws from more than 30 years of practice, instruction, research, and consulting experience to teach students proactive collaboration, negotiation, and analytics. Through a step-by-step approach, readers will gain data-driven purchasing skills crucial for the next generation of professionals. The Fourth cis fully updated with new real-world cases, the latest research, and current coverage of key trends in the field. 

Part I: Introduction to Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
Chapter 1: Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
Chapter 2: Purchasing Decisions and Business Strategy
Chapter 3: The Legal Aspects of Purchasing
Part II: Materials Management
Chapter 4: Materials Management
Chapter 5: Inventory Management
Chapter 6: Just-in-Time (Lean) Purchasing
Part III: Fundamentals of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
Chapter 7: Purchasing Procedures, E-Procurement, and Systems Contracting
Chapter 8: Supplier Selection and Evaluation
Chapter 9: Strategic Outsourcing
Chapter 10: Global Sourcing
Chapter 11: Supply Partnerships and Supply Chain Power
Chapter 12: Total Quality Management (TQM) and Purchasing
Part IV: Price/Cost Analysis and Negotiation Strategies
Chapter 13: Price Determination
Chapter 14: Bargaining and Negotiations
Part V: Special Purchasing Applications
Chapter 15: Purchasing Transportation Services
Chapter 16: Equipment Acquisition and Disposal
Chapter 17: Health Care Purchasing and Supply Management
Chapter 18: Sourcing Professional Services
Key features


  • New coverage includes:
    • supplier and opportunistic supplier behavior
    • selecting, managing, and monitoring complex global outsourcing services
    • the relationship between the hospitals and group purchasing organizations
    • purchasing strategy and the development of strategic purchasing plans for competitive advantage
    • professional service sector procurement
    • professionalism, ethics, and the law
    • project pricing
  • Expanded coverage includes:
    • health care purchasing and supply chain management
    • e-procurement technology
    • price/analysis, negotiations, and the competitive bidding trap
    • markup versus margin
    • supply chain relationship management
  • New real-world case studies and accompanying assignment questions based on practical organizational situations reinforce the lessons learned from chapters.
  • Revised chapter summaries allow students to review the material in direct relation to chapter-opening learning objectives.  


  • A focus on the interrelationships of purchasing with the rest of the functional and system areas of the organization takes into account finance, marketing, accounting, logistics, supply chain management, and operations management.
  • Chapter-opening learning objectives identify what students should be able to accomplish upon completion of the reading.
  • Chapter-ending discussion questions allow students to reflect on chapter content.
  • A running glossary defines key terms as students progress through chapters; terms are also listed at the conclusion of the chapters.

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ISBN: 9781071804759