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Qualitative Studies in Social Work Research

Qualitative Studies in Social Work Research

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November 1993 | 241 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Sociology and psychology are experiencing an increase of interest in qualitative methods, yet existing literature emphasizes quantitative methods. Qualitative Studies in Social Work Research provides actual examples of social work investigators working systematically with data in alternative ways. A diversity of qualitative approaches are represented including field observations, interviews, organizational documents, and literary narratives. The studies--all by social workers--range from examining surface content to analysis of deep structures of discourse. Among the social work problems examined are isolation of the chronically ill, child welfare, sexual abuse, and what happens when the homeless apply for welfare. This much-needed volume is perfect for students. Qualitative Studies in Social Work Research will also be of interest to practitioners looking for empirically-based insights. "This edited collection is a first-rate celebration of the diversity of methods used in qualitative research. What I found most unique about this collection is that the articles do not simply present findings; instead, they locate the findings within the oftentimes frustrating process of doing research and making sense out of it. I strongly recommend this book for qualitative methods courses in sociology." --Rosanna Hertz, Wellesley College and Coeditor, Qualitative Sociology "Reading this innovative compilation of social work studies provides a wonderful opportunity to explore the strengths and perhaps underexamined limitations of qualitative reports. The reports are vibrant and directly convey the language of the participants. Affect comes across vividly. Characters stand out. We do understand participants' unique experiences. . . . Social workers now have a basis for the exploration of their own qualitative studies. It is an important and timely contribution." --Smith College Studies in Social Work "This useful volume offers alternatives to the dominant quantitative paradigm in social research. It provides exemplary studies of social work problems using a diversity of qualitative approaches." --Fokus på Familien [Focus on the Family]

Denise Burnette
Managing Chronic Illness Alone in Later Life
Sisyphus at Work

Julie S Abramson and Terry Mizrahi
Examining Social Work/Physician Collaboration
An Application of Grounded Theory Methods

Robin Gregg
Explorations of Pregnancy and Choice in a High-Tech Age
Robin A Robinson
Private Pain and Public Behaviors
Sexual Abuse and Delinquent Girls

Margareta Hydén
Woman Battering as a Marital Act
Interviewing and Analysis in Context

Catherine Kohler Riessman
Making Sense of Marital Violence
One Woman's Narrative

Rhoda Hurst Rojiani
Disparities in the Social Construction of Long-Term Care
Cate Solomon
Welfare Workers' Response to Homeless Welfare Applicants
Cheryl Hyde
Reflections on a Journey
A Research Story

Suzanne E England
Modeling Theory from Fiction and Autobiography

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