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Queering the Asian Diaspora

Queering the Asian Diaspora
East and Southeast Asian Sexuality, Identity and Cultural Politics

January 2025 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The COVID pandemic has exacerbated global geopolitical tensions and exposed Sinophobia and anti-Asian racism. Meanwhile, a nascent Asian diasporic consciousness has been emerging worldwide, celebrating Asian identity and cultural heritage. In the space between anti-Asian racism and Asian Pride, queer people’s voices have been largely missing. How is queer Asian diaspora situated in-between mainstream Asian and LGBTQ politics? Is a queer Asian diasporic cultural politics possible? This book draws on a range of contemporary case studies including art, fashion, performance, film and political activism. It articulates an intersectional cultural politics that is anti-nationalist, anti-racist, decolonial, feminist and queer.

Chapter 1 - Visualising the Rabbit God: Reclaiming Queer Asian Heritage
Chapter 2 - Decolonising Drag: When Queer Asian Artists Do Drag
Chapter 3 - Queering Chinoiserie: Performing Orientalist Intimacy
Chapter 4 - ‘Secret Love’: Curating Queerness and Queering Curation
Chapter 5 - Digital Video Activism: Fan Popo’s Cinema of Desire
Chapter 6 - Imagining Queer Bandung: Creating a Decolonial Queer Space

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ISBN: 9781529619683

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