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Race and Ethnicity in Research Methods

Race and Ethnicity in Research Methods

Volume: 157

May 1993 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Studying across race and ethnic lines creates many problems for the researcher. These problems involve practical, strategic, ethical, and epistemological questions alike. The contributors to Race and Ethnicity in Research Methods, most of them scholars of color, examine the array of methods used in quantitative, qualitative, and comparative/historical research to show how ethnic-sensitive research can best be carried out. Among the methodological traditions discussed are survey research, demography, testing and assessment, ethnography, discourse analysis, comparative methods, and archival research. Of interest not only to the researcher and instructor of race and ethnic studies, this volume should be of equal value to social scientists interested in teaching or practicing any form of research that needs to properly address issues of race and ethnicity. "This comprehensive guide will be an invaluable resource for anyone who teaches and/or is engaged in research in the field of race and ethnicity." --Behavioural Psychotherapy "I highly recommend this volume for those researchers who are genuinely interested in producing better and more creative solutions to some of the issues and problems involving racial and ethnic minority groups." --Journal of Marketing Research "In Race and Ethnicity in Research Methods, John H. Stanfield II and Rutledge M. Dennis call for serious and rigorous treatment of the subject which sheds the journalistic style, narrow focus, and cultural bias of much of past research. . . . They bring together 13 articles that reveal the rich diversity of methods available for researching ethnic groups and ethnic relations. . . . There is a healthy dose of multidisciplinarity. . . . The book is essential for U.S. race and ethnic researchers who seek to avoid the narrowness and pitfalls of much past research. I would recommend this book for research seminars on race and ethnic relations specifically and for general methodology courses which seek to present the diversity of approaches to sociological issues." --Contemporary Sociology "This book contains essays that will stimulate much discussion among scholars while providing practical, ethical, and strategic methodological considerations for conducting research across racial and ethnic lines." --Nursing Research

John H Stanfield II
Methodological Reflections
An Introduction

John H Stanfield II
Epistemological Considerations
Margaret L Andersen
Studying Across Differences
Race, Class, and Gender in Qualitative Research

Rutledge M Dennis
Participant Observations
Elisa Facio
Ethnography as Personal Experience
Teun A van Dijk
Analyzing Racism Through Discourse Analysis
Some Methodological Reflections

Melvin D Williams
Urban Ethnography
Another Look

Carole C Marks
Demography and Race
Samuel L Myers Jr
Measuring and Detecting Discrimination in the Post-Civil Rights Era
James M Patton
Psychoeducational Assessment of Gifted and Talented African Americans
A Wade Smith
Survey Research on African Americans
Methodological Innovations

Duane Champagne
Toward a Multidimensional Historical Comparative Methodology
Context, Process, and Causality

Charles C Ragin and Jeremy Hein
The Comparative Study of Ethnicity
Methodological and Conceptual Issues

John H Stanfield II
In the Archives

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ISBN: 9780803950078