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Raising a Humanist

Raising a Humanist
Conscious Parenting in an Increasingly Fragmented World

  • Manisha Pathak-Shelat - Professor and Chair, Centre for Development Management and Communication, MICA, Ahmedabad
  • Kiran Bhatia - Doctoral candidate in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Wisconsin-–Madison

March 2021 | 268 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
The world is immensely divided and broken. We have lost the art of having conversations with those who are different from us. While we cannot change the world, we can take small remedial steps starting with our homes and communities. 

The authors—communication scholars—with a vast experience of working with parents, teachers and youth engage you in a conversation that is bound to leave a lasting impression on you, your children, and our world. Using critical questions, pragmatic tips and interesting anecdotes, they touch upon the deep divisive issues of our society and provide fascinating ways to use art, technology and media to provide our children with a nurturing community.

Bold and provocative at times, this empowering book is your companion in raising a humanist.

Foreword by Lina Ashar
What is Your Child’s Worldview
Mirroring the Adults
The Unknown Is Scary
The Big Three: How Family, School, and Media Shape Our Children
Echo-Chamber: Our Seemingly Safe Cocoons
Tolerance: Philosophies and Principles
Tolerance Is Amicable Co-existence
Living with Differences
Philosophies and Traditions: Lessons on Co-existence from India
Tolerance Has Its Challenges
Exploring the Indian Philosophy of Sahridayas
Opening Our Hearts and Minds
Step I. Re-examining the Process of Socialization
Step II. Understanding Privilege
Step III. Embracing the Power of ‘Why’ Questions
Step IV. Challenging a Single Story
Unlearning Together
Strategy I. Find Tactful and Innovative Ways to Challenge When Others Are Spreading Stereotypes
Strategy II. Collaborating to Challenge Discrimination
Strategy III: Practising Care
Strategy IV: Talking Through Our Differences
Strategy V: Practising Tolerance in Our Communities
It Isn’t Real, It Is Photoshopped!
Capitalizing on Young People’s Insecurities
Media as the ‘Looking Glass Self’
Debunking Media Myths
Anorexia and Bulimia: When Food Becomes an Enemy
Dark Is Beautiful
Accepting Differences in Body Types
No One Should Apologize for Their Bodies
Periods and the Taboo Culture
Nurturing Your Mind
Using Technology to Connect and Learn
Childhood: Online and Offline
The New Childhood
The Internet and the Everyday Life
Children as Citizens of the World
Becoming a Tech-savvy Parent
The Stranger Danger
Connecting Beyond Borders and Differences
Understanding Your Place in the World: From Local to Global
Using Social Media Purposively
Echo Chambers on Social Media
Online Strategies to Build Global-civic Communities
How to be Safe in an Interconnected World?
Designing the Family Media Diet
Art with a Purpose
Socially Engaged Art Practice
Listening and Responding to Differences
Working Together amid Differences
As We Say Goodbye
Getting Out of the Box
Understanding Systemic Discrimination
Violence Is Not the Solution
Stepping into the Future

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ISBN: 9789353887759