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Re-imagining Therapy

Re-imagining Therapy
Living Conversations and Relational Knowing

June 2012 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Re-Imagining Therapy uses and develops discursive and relational perspectives on therapy to show the benefits of looking closely at how people relate to and with language. The authors draw on social constructionist, dialogic, narrative, and solution-focused approaches to argue that detachment and objectivity have impoverished our ways of understanding life and language. The focus here is on words and language as tools, gestures, and actions through which therapy can work to build a sense of promise and trust. Re-Imagining Therapy is a fresh and engaging book that will be invaluable for students, practitioners, and academics interested in the relationship between therapy and social construction.

Kenneth J Gergen and Sheila McNamee
Towards Discursive and Human Metaphors of Therapy
Metaphors of Words and Talk
Processes of Re-Enchantment
Metaphors of Therapy and Good Interaction
Living Conversations
Attempts at Closure

`Riikonen and Smith's emphasis on the relational and dynamic nature of therapeutic interaction renders Re-imagining Therapy relevant to readers in the psychotherapeutic profession with diverse theoretical interests.... The book is poetic, playful and theoretically stimulating. Riikonen and Smith's ability to successfully pull off their polyvocal style is impressive' - Nyhedsbrev (Denmark)

`Written in a humorous and accessible form, the book focuses on how resources and language used by people in everyday life and conversation can also be harnessed for use in successful therapy... Riikonen and Madan Smith's book offers a refreshing and insightful addition to publications addressing [the] discursive turn in therapy... in a lively and accessible way, [it] maps outs a territory in which further to explore potentials for the therapeutic process. Most importantly, it serves to challenge some traditional ways of thinking and it encourages the reader to ask questions about the complicated relationship between language and mental states' - The European Journal of Psychotherapy, Counselling & Health

`Opens a new and exciting vista for deliberation on the therapeutic process... The authors do not wish so much to describe optimal therapy as to demonstrate its potentials within the text itself' - Kenneth J Gergen and Sheila McNamee (from the Foreword)

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