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Reading at Greater Depth in Key Stage 2

Reading at Greater Depth in Key Stage 2

First Edition

December 2018 | 152 pages | Learning Matters
Expectations in primary English are high, particularly in reading. There is an emphasis on inference and deduction together with vocabulary development: two key elements for preparing pupils to access texts at a higher level. At the same time, there is also a change in the rhetoric around guided reading with teachers trying different pedagogies in order to fully prepare pupils for the demands of the reading curriculum. This book explores the various approaches to developing higher level readers. 

Reading at greater depth
Reading for pleasure
Variety of texts
Accessing texts
Analysing texts
Questioning a text
Interpretation of texts
Thematic approaches
Reading and assessment

This is an engaging and thoughtful text to help teachers develop their thinking about reading engagement and depth. There are some very useful summaries of research/theory and some helpful case studies to ground discussion. I also liked the suggested reading list for teachers who are looking for ideas.

Dr Louise Campbell
School of Education & Social Work, Dundee University
December 4, 2018

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: Reading at Greater Depth

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