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Reflective Practice in Social Work

Reflective Practice in Social Work

Fifth Edition

March 2019 | 256 pages | Learning Matters
Reflective practice is at the heart of becoming a competent and confident social worker. It's both a key element of learning and development on social work courses and an important aspect of social work practice.
This accessible and introductory text explores a range of approaches to reflective practice to help students become more confident in answering key questions, including 'what is reflective practice?', 'how do I develop as a reflective practitioner?' and  'how do I maintain reflective practice in key contexts?'. There are many useful resources such as Writing reflective journals, Communicating well with service users and carers and Reflective practice while on placements. 

Part One: What is reflective practice?
Andy Mantell
Chapter 1: Reflective practice revisited
Martyn Higgins
Chapter 2: Getting started
Gill Butler
Chapter 3: Reflecting on emotion in social work
Part Two: Developing the reflective practitioner
Gill Constable
Chapter 4: Reflection as a catalyst in the development of personal and professional effectiveness
Andy Mantell
Chapter 5: The importance of the perspective of carers and service users
Sarah Houghton and Catherine Tucher
Chapter 6: The role of reflection in breaking the cycle of unsafe practice
Chris Smethurst
Chapter 7: Gender in practice
Terry Scragg
Chapter 8: Reflective practice on placement
Part Three: Maintaining reflective practice
Terry Scragg
Chapter 9: Working with your Team Manager
Anita Atwa
Chapter 10: Reflective practice for interprofessional co-produced social work collaboration

This has been a hugely helpful text for the new apprenticeship degree, in thinking closely about the theory-practice nexus through critical thought. Approachable and relevant.

Mr Luke Tibbits
school of Psychological Social & Behavioural Sciencs, Coventry University
June 19, 2019

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