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Safeguarding in Social Work Practice

Safeguarding in Social Work Practice
A Lifespan Approach

Second Edition

April 2019 | 312 pages | Learning Matters
Safeguarding is a serious and complex area of social work, and demonstrating an understanding of important theory, law, policy and skills for practice is essential and it is vital that this understanding extends across the lifespan. This book brings together common safeguarding themes and knowledge across social work with children, young people and adults to help do just that.

Chapter 1: The historical development of safeguarding and protection across the lifespan
Chapter 2: The nature and prevalence of abuse across the lifespan
Chapter 3: The policy and legal context for safeguarding practice
Chapter 4: Safeguarding and the family
Chapter 5: Safeguarding and communities
Chapter 6: Safeguarding in residential settings
Chapter 7: Skills for safeguarding and protection
Chapter 8: Key themes for safeguarding practice: challenges and priorities

This covers children and adults and can be used for a range of modules across the social work degree. useful for students and professionals alike.

Mrs Toni Benaton
Britannia Mill Campus, Derby University
April 1, 2019

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