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SAGE Directions in Organization Studies

SAGE Directions in Organization Studies

Four Volume Set
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December 2009 | 1 840 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

SAGE has unparalleled depth in journal back lists in the field of organization studies, and publishes several of the top journals in the field, including Organization, Human Relations, and Organization Studies. This four-volume set brings together over sixty of the key papers published in SAGE books and journals since the turn of the millennium, many of which are not easily available in traditional library holdings.

Professor Stewart Clegg is widely recognized as a preeminent scholar of organization studies, and together with an international editorial board of ten renowned scholars in the field, has arranged this selection to help the reader better understand the developments in the field from different perspectives. Emphasis is placed on the 'history of the present' of organization studies, with articles that discuss contemporary issues and foreshadow further developments in the field, across popular theoretical perspectives such as discourse analysis, institutional theory, and complexity theory.

Volume One
Yehouda Shenhav and Ely Weitz
The Roots of Uncertainty in Organization Theory: A Historical Constructivist Analysis
Michael Lounsbury and Edward J. Carberry
From King to Court Jester? Weber's Fall from Grace in Organizational Theory
Alan McKinlay
'Dead Selves': The Birth of the Modern Career
William H. Starbuck
Shouldn't Organization Theory Emerge from Adolescence?
James G. March
The Study of Organizations and Organizing since 1945
Alan McKinlay
Managing Foucault: Genealogies of Management
Tim Newton
From Freemasons to the Employee: Organization, History and Subjectivity
Julie Wolfram Cox and John Hassard
Ties to the Past in Organization Research: A Comparative Analysis of Retrospective Methods
Michael Lounsbury and Marc Ventresca
The New Structuralism in Organizational Theory
Institutions and Evolutions
W. Richard Scott
Lords of the Dance: Professionals as Institutional Agents
Candace Jones
Co-Evolution of Entrepreneurial Careers, Institutional Rules and Competitive Dynamics in American Film, 1895-1920
Marc Huygens, Charles Baden-Fuller, Frans A.J. Van Den Bosch and Henk W. Volberda
Co-Evolution of Firm Capabilities and Industry Competition: Investigating the Music Industry, 1877-1997
Michael Carney and Eric Gedajlovic
The Co-Evolution of Institutional Environments and Organizational Strategies: The Rise of Family Business Groups in the ASEAN Region
Thomas B. Lawrence and Nelson Phillips
From Moby Dick to Free Willy: Macro-Cultural Discourse and Institutional Entrepreneurship in Emerging Institutional Fields
Michael Lounsbury and Ellen T. Crumley
New Practice Creation: An Institutional Perspective on Innovation
David Levy and Maureen Scully
The Institutional Entrepreneur as Modern Prince: The Strategic Face of Power in Contested Fields
Bernard Leca and Philippe Naccache
A Critical Realist Approach to Institutional Entrepreneurship
Tim Hallett and Marc J. Ventresca
How Institutions Form: Loose Coupling as Mechanism in Gouldner's Patterns of Industrial Bureaucracy
Ian Palmer, Jodie Benveniste and Richard Dunford
New Organizational Forms: Towards a Generative Dialogue
Phil Johnson, Geoffrey Wood, Chris Brewster and Michael Brookes
The Rise of Post-Bureaucracy: Theorists' Fancy or Organizational Praxis?
Volume Two
Process and Practice Theories
Karl E. Weick
Faith, Evidence, and Action: Better Guesses in an Unknowable World
Tore Bakken and Tor Hernes
Organizing Is Both a Verb and a Noun: Weick Meets Whitehead
Theodore R. Schatzki
The Sites of Organizations
Dalvir Samra-Fredericks and Francesca Bargiela-Chiappini
Introduction to the Symposium on the Foundations of Organizing: The Contribution from Garfinkel, Goffman and Sacks
Peter K. Manning
Goffman on Organizations
Anne Warfield Rawls
Harold Garfinkel, Ethnomethodology and Workplace Studies
Nick Llewellyn
Organization in Actual Episodes of Work: Harvey Sacks and Organization Studies
Robert Cooper
Organs of Process: Rethinking Human Organization
David Seidl and Kai Helge Becker
Organizations as Distinction Generating and Processing Systems: Niklas Luhmann's Contribution to Organization Studies
Mats Alvesson and Dan Karreman
Varieties of Discourse: On the Study of Organizations through Discourse Analysis
Winton Higgins and Kristina Tamm Hallström
Standardization, Globalization and Rationalities of Government
Norman Fairclough
Discourse Analysis in Organization Studies: The Case for Critical Realism
Ray Gordon, Stewart Clegg and Martin Kornberger
Embedded Ethics: Discourse and Power in the New South Wales Police Service
Rick Iedema
On the Multi-Modality, Materiality and Contingency of Organization Discourse
John A.A. Sillince
Organizational Context and the Discursive Construction of Organizing
E. Johanna Hartelius and Larry D. Browning
The Application of Rhetorical Theory in Managerial Research: A Literature Review
Raymond Hogler, Michael A. Gross, Jackie L. Hartman and Ann L. Cunliffe
Meaning in Organizational Communication: Why Metaphor Is the Cake, Not the Icing
Volume Three
Organizing Time, Space and Embodiment
Barbara Czarniawska
On Time, Space, and Action Nets
Miguel Pina e Cunha
Organizational Time: A Dialectical View
Karin Knorr Cetina and Alex Preda
The Temporalization of Financial Markets: From Network to Flow
David Knights, Theo Vurdubakis and Hugh Willmott
The Night of the Bug: Technology, Risk and (dis)Organization at the fin de siècle
Susan Halford and Pauline Leonard
Place, Space and Time: Contextualizing Workplace Subjectivities
Davide Nicolini
Stretching Out and Expanding Work Practices in Time and Space: The Case of Telemedicine
Jon Hindmarsh and Alison Pilnick
Knowing Bodies at Work: Embodiment and Ephemeral Teamwork in Anaesthesia
Donncha Kavanagh, Carmen Kuhling and Kieran Keohane
Dance-Work: Images of Organization in Irish Dance
Organizing Identity
David L. Collinson
Identities and Insecurities: Selves at Work
Paul du Gay
The Tyranny of the Epochal: Change, Epochalism and Organizational Reform
Robyn Thomas and Annette Davies
Theorizing the Micro-Politics of Resistance: New Public Management and Managerial Identities in the UK Public Services
Dan Kärreman and Mats Alvesson
Cages in Tandem: Management Control, Social Identity, and Identification in a Knowledge-Intensive Firm
Beverley Hawkins
Double Agents: Gendered Organizational Culture, Control and Resistance
Peter Fleming
Sexuality, Power and Resistance in the Workplace
Diya Das, Ravi Dharwadkar and Pamela Brandes
The Importance of Being 'Indian': Identity Centrality and Work Outcomes in an Off-Shored Call Center in India
David A. Whetten
Albert and Whetten Revisited: Strengthening the Concept of Organizational Identity
Harrison C. White, Frédéric C. Godart and Victor P. Corona
Mobilizing Identities: Uncertainty and Control in Strategy
Stewart R. Clegg, Carl Rhodes and Martin Kornberger
Desperately Seeking Legitimacy: Organizational Identity and Emerging Industries
Volume Four
Cultures and Organizations
Calvin Morrill
Culture and Organization Theory
Stewart R. Clegg, Tyrone S. Pitsis, Thekla Rura-Polley and Marton Marosszeky
Governmentality Matters: Designing an Alliance Culture of Inter-Organizational Collaboration for Managing Projects
Suzana Braga Rodrigues
The Political Dynamics of Organizational Culture in an Institutionalized Environment
Jesper Strandgaard Pedersen and Frank Dobbin
In Search of Identity and Legitimation: Bridging Organizational Culture and Neoinstitutionalism
Brendan McSweeney
Hofstede's Model of National Cultural Differences and Their Consequences: A Triumph of Faith - A Failure of Analysis
Carl Rhodes
D'Oh: The Simpsons, Popular Culture, and the Organizational Carnival
Alf Rehn
Pop (Culture) Goes the Organization: On Highbrow, Lowbrow and Hybrids in Studying Popular Culture within Organization Studies
Organization/s and/as Relations of Power
Mark Haugaard
Reflections on Seven Ways of Creating Power
Galit Ailon
What B Would Otherwise Do: A Critique of Conceptualizations of 'Power' in Organizational Theory
Ad van Iterson and Stewart R. Clegg
The Politics of Gossip and Denial in Interorganizational Relations
Peter Fleming
Metaphors of Resistance
Graham Sewell
The Fox and the Hedgehog Go to Work: A Natural History of Workplace Collusion
Thomas B. Lawrence
Rituals and Resistance: Membership Dynamics in Professional Fields
Sally Davenport and Shirley Leitch
Circuits of Power in Practice: Strategic Ambiguity as Delegation of Authority
Subhabrata Bobby Banerjee
Michal Frenkel and Yehouda Shenhav
From Binarism Back to Hybridity: A Postcolonial Reading of Management and Organization Studies
Eduardo Ibarra-Colado
Organization Studies and Epistemic Coloniality in Latin America: Thinking Otherness from the Margins

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