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SAGE Readings for Introductory Sociology

SAGE Readings for Introductory Sociology

Third Edition
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March 2021 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This brief anthology for introductory sociology is a collection of 24 short readings that illustrate key concepts in sociology, relate to the everyday lives of students, and spark good classroom discussions. The selections represent four theoretical traditions in sociology (functionalism, symbolic interaction, conflict theory, feminism) and show the range and diversity of sociology and the people who practice it. The book is designed for instructors who want to expose students to some original scholarship in their first sociology course, but who do not want to adopt a comprehensive reader along with the core text they are using. 

Part I: Thinking Sociologically
C. Wright Mills
Reading 1: The Sociological Imagination
Tina Wildhagen
Reading 2: “Not Your Typical Student”: The Social Construction of the “First-Generation” College Student
Marcus Anthony Hunter
Reading 3: W.E.B. Du Bois and Black Heterogeneity: How The Philadelphia Negro Shaped American Sociology
Howard Schuman
Reading 4: Sense and Nonsense About Surveys
Part II: Culture, Socialization and Interaction
Erving Goffman
Reading 5: The Presentation of Self
Jessica M. Vasquez
Reading 6: Disciplined Preferences: Explaining the (Re)Production of Latino Endogamy
Lisa Wade
Reading 7: American Hook Up
Cedrick-Michael Simmons
Reading 8: Rethinking Colorblindness: How Role Conflict Shapes Administrators’ Responses to Racial Inequality at a Predominantly White University
Ruth Simpson
Reading 9: Neither Clear Nor Present: The Social Construction of Safety and Danger
Part III: Constructing Deviance and Normality
Emily E. LaBeff, Robert E. Clark, Valerie J. Haines, and George M. Diekhoff
Reading 10: Situational Ethics and College Student Cheating
Michelle Alexander
Reading 11: The New Jim Crow
Jennifer A. Reich.
Reading 12: Excerpt from Calling the Shots: Why Parents Reject Vaccines
Michael Sierra-Arevalo
Reading 13: American Policing and the Danger Imperative
Part IV: Gender
Candace West and Don H. Zimmerman
Reading 14: Doing Gender
Catherine Connell
Reading 15: Doing, Undoing, or Redoing Gender?
Jeffrey Q. McCune
Reading 16: “Out” in the Club: The Down Low, Hip-Hop, and the Architexture of Black Masculinity
Tyler Reny
Reading 17: Masculine Norms and Infectious Disease: The Case of COVID-19
Part V: Race
Elijah Anderson
Reading 18: The Code of the Streets
Kimberly Kay Hoang
Reading 19: She’s Not a Low Class Dirty Girl
Erika Lee
Reading 20: America for Americans: A history of Xenophobia
Yvonne P. Sherwood
Reading 21: The Political Bind of Oil vs. Tribes
Part VI: Social Class
Annette Lareau
Reading 22: Unequal Childhoods
Alanna Gillis
Reading 23: Identity Exploration or Labor Market Reaction: Social Class Differences in College Student Participation in Peace Corps, Teach for America, and Other Service Programs
Arlie Russell Hochschild
Reading 24: Excerpt from Strangers in Their Own Land
Alex Rosenblatt
Reading 25: Excerpt from Uberland: How Algorithms are rewriting the rules of work
Key features


  • Introductions to each selection are provided in clear, accessible language to guide students to the meanings and significance of each reading, and to connect the topic to contemporary life.
  • The discussion questions of all the readings have been written to encourage students to make these connections either on their own or through class activities and can be used as writing assignments.
  • Each reading is linked to at least one Student Learning Outcomes recommended by the American Sociological Association, making it easier for instructors to map their own course or department SLOs.
  • An alternate table of contents helps instructors map readings to other areas on their introductory sociology syllabus, and groups readings by theoretical tradition.


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