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Scientific Writing for Psychology

Scientific Writing for Psychology
Lessons in Clarity and Style

Second Edition

December 2018 | 152 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

In the Second Edition of Scientific Writing for Psychology, veteran teacher, editor and author, Robert V. Kail provides straightforward strategies along with hands-on exercises for effective scientific writing in a series of seven lessons. Kail shares an abundance of writing wisdom with “tools of the trade”—heuristics, tips, and strategies—used by expert authors to produce writing that is clear, concise, cohesive, and compelling. The exercises included throughout each extensively class-tested lesson allow students to practice and ultimately master their scientific writing skills.

1. Lesson 1: Writing Clearly
2. Lesson 2: Adding Emphasis
3. Lesson 3: Writing Concisely, With Some Spice
4. Lesson 4: The Art of Fine Paragraphs
5. Lesson 5: Framing an Introduction
6. Lesson 6: Reporting Results
7. Lesson 7: Discussing Your Findings
Epilogue: Writing a Title, Abstract, and Method Section
Key features


  • Detailed outlines added to each chapter provide overviews of the covered topics, preparing students for upcoming exercises.
  • Additional problems added to each exercise spark critical and creative thinking in students.
  • New material added to chapters includes the importance of parallel structure, how to create compelling contrastive paragraphs, and the use of case studies and anecdotes to hook the reader.
  • Additional tables and materials describe in detail how to organize a discussion and how to describe implications of research findings.


  • Scientific writing exercises included throughout allow students to practice writing without needing to prepare a fully-fledged research report.
  • Each lesson is crafted to describe tools experts use to provide students with examples of heuristics, tips, and strategies to write effective sentences, paragraphs, and reports.
  • For Practice exercises included at the end of each lesson enhance students learning by looking at strengths and weaknesses of published articles.

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