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Social and Community Consequences of the Opioid Epidemic

Social and Community Consequences of the Opioid Epidemic

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April 2023 | SAGE Publications, Inc

Today, the ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science announces the release of a volume of peer-reviewed papers that contribute new empirical insights on the social and community consequences of the opioid epidemic in the United States. This volume of research aims to stimulate our understanding of the consequences of the opioid epidemic in a variety of societal and community domains—including child welfare, living arrangements, education, food insecurity, housing, and public budgets—that often lay outside the formal conversation focused on the direct effects of opioid use. In it, thirty-one researchers with diverse disciplinary perspectives use a variety of data, measures, and analytic techniques to help us better understand how families and communities experienced the opioid epidemic.

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Rajeev Darolia and Colleen Heflin
The Social and Community Consequences of the Opioid Epidemic
Johanna Catherine Maclean, Justine Mallatt,Christopher J. Ruhm, and Kosali Simon
The Opioid Crisis, Health, Healthcare, and Crime: A Review of Quasi-Experimental Economic Studies
Shannon M. Monnat
Demographic and Geographic Variation in Fatal Drug Overdoses in the United States, 1999–2020
Lindsey Rose Bullinger, Vivian Wang, and Kenneth A. Feder
Effects of Opioid Treatment Programs on Child Well-Being
Jessica Pac, Christine Durrance, Lawrence Berger, and Deborah B. Ehrenthal
The Effects of Opioid Use during Pregnancy on Infant Health and Well-Being
Alexander Chapman
The Opioid Crisis and Child Maltreatment Across Counties and Time in the United States, 2007–2017
Mónica L. Caudillo, Andrés Villarreal, and Philip N. Cohen
The Opioid Epidemic and Children’s Living Arrangements in the United States, 2000–2018
Rajeev Darolia, Sam Owens, and John Tyler
The Opioid Crisis and Educational Performance
Jessica Drescher, Lily Steyer, Carrie Townley-Flores, and Keith Humphreys
Has the Opioid Crisis Affected Student Learning? A National Analysis of Growth Rates
Colleen Heflin and Xiaohan Sun
Food Insecurity and the Opioid Crisis
Andrew Sullivan and Changwe Park
Do Federal Grants for Medication-Assisted Opioid Treatment Reduce Homelessness?
Alexander Cheung, Joseph Marchand, and Patricia Mark
Loss of Life and Labor Productivity: The Canadian Opioid Crisis
Robert Bifulco and Iuliia Shybalkina
Fiscal Impacts of the Opioid Crisis on State and Local Governments

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ISBN: 9781071909409

ISBN: 9781071909522