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Social and Gender Analysis in Natural Resource Development

Social and Gender Analysis in Natural Resource Development
Learning Studies and Lessons From Asia

First Edition
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January 2006 | 252 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

This volume presents encounters with rural men and women in South Asian and Southeast Asian countries working for local and national governments and for non-governmental organizations.

The six case studies-drawn from India, Nepal, China, Viet Nam and Mongolia-highlight a diversity of efforts to integrate social and gender analysis into natural resource management research. They represent "learning stories" for those involved in farming and livestock interventions in the upland areas of Asia. They point to the importance of local history and to the interlocking of "local" and "supra-local" forces. The cases selected present examples of challenges and opportunities, as also successes and disappointments, encountered while integrating social and gender analysis. They also highlight the variety of methods used and adapted in diverse contexts, reflect on what has been done and is being done in terms of capacity development and, most importantly, how this is being done and the enabling and constraining factors that affect the process.

Ronnie Vernooy and Liz Fajber
Integrating Social and Gender Analysis into Natural Resource Management Research
Chanda Gurung and Nawraj Gurung
The Social and Gendered Nature of Ginger Production and Commercialization
A Case Study of the Rai, Lepcha and Brahmin-Chhetri in Sikkim and Kalimpong, West Bengal, India  
Vengota Nakro and Chozhule Kikhi
Strengthening Market Linkages for Women Vegetable Vendors
Experiences from Kohima, Nagaland, India  
Deepa Singh, Anil Subedi and Pitamber Shrestha
Enhancing Farmers' Marketing Capacity and Strengthening the Local Seed System
Action Research for the Conservation and Use of Agrobiodiversity in Bara District, Nepal  
Yiching Song and Linxiu Zhang with Ronnie Vernooy
Empowering Women Farmers and Strengthening the Local Seed System
Action Research in Guangxi, China  
Hoang Thi Sen and Le Van An
Creating Opportunities for Change
Strengthening the Social Capital of Women and the Poor in Upland Communities in Hue, Viet Nam  
H Ykhanbai et al
Herder Women Speak Out
Towards More Equitable Co-Management of Grasslands and Other Natural Resources in Mongolia  
Ronnie Vernooy and Linxiu Zhang
Similarities and Differences
From Improved Understanding to Social Transformations  
Ronnie Vernooy and Linxiu Zhang
Social and Gender Analysis is Essential, Not Optional
Enhanced Capacities and Remaining Challenges  

The perspective from which it is presented makes it very interesting. The authors have taken much care to provide the readers with an adequate description of the study context where the learning projects are implemented, gender-related information including equity, access to land and other resources, and information as well as outcome of the action-oriented projects where different stakeholders are involved in various ways…this book, beyond doubt provides many valuable insights.

Journal of Social and Economic Development

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