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Social Psychological Perspectives on Second Language Learning

Social Psychological Perspectives on Second Language Learning

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Volume: 4

August 1998 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Based primarily on empirical research from diverse multilingual and pluricultural societies from around the world, this volume offers insights into the pressures that minority language groups face while learning the majority language in the host culture. Some contributions describe and explain the variations in the levels of proficiency attained by learners of a second language in a given environment while others explore issues of bilingualism and communication evaluation.

R K Agnihotri, A L Khanna and I Sachdev
R C Gardner and Paul F Tremblay
Specificity of Affective Variables and the Trait/State Conceptualization of Motivation in Second Language Acquisition
Chhaya Sawhney and R K Agnihotri
Acquisition of Hindi as a Second Language by Tamils in Delhi
A Social Psychological Perspective  
A L Khanna et al
Teacher Evaluation of Asian ESOL Learners in Britain and its Social Psychological Correlates
A L Khanna and R K Agnihotri
Some Predictors of Speech Skills
A Socio-Psychological Study  
R K Agnihotri, A L Khanna and Aditi Mukherjee
Predictors of Achievement in English Tenses
A Socio-Psychological Study  
Chhaya Sawhney
The Role of Attitudes and Motivation in Foreign Language Learning
The Case of German in India  
Rodrigue Landry and R[ac]eal Allard
The Use of Minority and Majority Group Languages in Minority Education
A Theoretical Model  
Howard Giles et al
Stereotypes of the Elderly and Evaluations of Patronizing Speech
A Cross-Cultural Foray  
I Sachdev, N Elmufti and P Collins
Oral Assessment and Accent Evaluation
Some British Data  
A L Khanna et al
Immigrant Identity and Language Proficiency
A Sociolinguistic Study of ESOL  
R K Agnihotri
Mixed Codes and Their Acceptability

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