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Social Sector Development in North-East India

Social Sector Development in North-East India

Edited by:
  • Ashok Pankaj - Professor and former Director at the Council for Social Development, New Delhi
  • Atul Sarma - Chairman of the OKD Institute for Social Change and Development, Guwahati
  • Antora Borah - Research Associate at the Council for Social Development, New Delhi

December 2020 | 432 pages | SAGE India
Social Sector Development in North-east India is the first comprehensive book that makes a strong case for people-centric social sector development of North-east India. This book argues that human capital formation through social sector development should be the strategic goal of development of this region, as the prospect for service sector development is much higher compared to that of the primary and secondary sectors. This needs a course correction in the erstwhile approaches of development, which has been driven by political and strategic considerations such as national security and the territorial integrity of India. This book advances an argument for a shift in approach of development policy from top-down, infrastructure-focused to bottom-up, people-centric and social sector development-focused. It also critiques the mainstream understanding of North-east India that treats it as a geographical entity and a monolithic socio-cultural society, ignoring its rich ethnic diversities, cultural pluralities and regional variations.

SECTION I Introduction
Ashok Pankaj, Atul Sarma and Antora Borah
Social Sector Development in North-east India
Chandan Kumar Sharma
Contextualizing Social Development in North-east India
Bimal Kumar Kar and Suli Yohana Ayemi
Demographic Changes in North-east India: Inter-temporal Variations in Population Growth and Composition
Saket Kushwaha, Sushanta Kumar Nayak and Jumi Kalita
Status of School Education in North-east India
Nirmali Goswami
Contextualizing Educational Attainment in Assam: Reflecting on ‘Gender Gap
Jayashree Doley
Education, Modernity and Tribal Identities: Narratives of Schooling from Mishing Youths of Assam
Sushanta Kumar Nayak and Geling Modi
Accessibility to Health Services in North-east India
Surajit Deb
Child Malnutrition in North-east India
SECTION V Poverty, Unemployment and Food Security
Joydeep Baruah
Poverty in North-east India: An Overview
Kalyan Das
Unemployment and Outmigration for Work from North-east India: How Does It Ensure Well-being?
Rajshree Bedamatta and Mahsina Rahman
Public Food Distribution System in Riverine Villages of Assam—A Cross-section Analysis
SECTION VI Governance
Bhupen Sarmah and Joseph K. Lalfakzuala
Nation State and North-east India: From Exclusion to Autonomy
Fiscal Decentralization and Development: A Study of Autonomous District Councils in Mizoram
Thongkholal Haokip
Making a Case for the Formation of Regional Councils within Sixth Schedule Area
SECTION VII Challenges
Patricia Mukhim
Unique Challenges to Social Sector Development in North-east India: An Insider’s Perspective

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