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Social Work Practice and Men Who Have Sex With Men

Social Work Practice and Men Who Have Sex With Men

First Edition

July 2005 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Society at large tends to marginalize homosexuality even though men who have sex with men have always existed within it. This book is a significant contribution in the endeavour to understand this segment of society and its concerns.

Employing a blend of qualitative and quantitative methods, Sherry Joseph analyses the extensive data collected through formal networks of such people in Kolkata, and places them in a socio-ecological perspective. He shows how the lives of men who have sex with men are very stressful in their efforts to fit into an environment that is predominantly homophobic, heterosexist, heterocentrist and where heterosexuality is the prescribed norm.

The book argues that understanding the stress that men who have sex with men experience and their coping strategies will assist sympathetic groups and professionals to work with this community.

Scholarship on Homosexuality
Homosexuality in India
Historical Overview and Contemporary Situation

Social and Sexual Profile of Men Who Have Sex With Men
Sexual Identities of Men Who Have Sex With Men
Stress and Coping Strategies of Men Who Have Sex With Men
Social Work Practice with Men Having Sex With Men
References and Select Bibliography

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