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Social Work Practice

Social Work Practice
Assessment, Planning, Intervention and Review

Fifth Edition

May 2017 | 272 pages | Learning Matters
This best-selling book will take readers step-by-step through the four main aspects of social work practiceAssessment, Planning, Intervention, and Reviewgiving a complete foundation in each. It will introduce readers to each process in a clear and accessible way, supporting them to both reflect on and apply what they have learnt in practice across settings and service user groups. Social Work Practice provides readers with a theoretical foundation from which they can explore other aspects of social work.

New to the Fifth Edition:
  • An ‘ethnographic approach’ to social work
  • Focus on relationship and resilience
  • Revised exploration of the political context of social work
  • Updated emphasis on social justice and human rights

Understanding assessment in social work practice: Theoretical concerns
Understanding assessment in social work practice: Practice issues
Tools and diagrammatic aids to assessment
Developing, making and writing plans for effective social work
Working together for positive change
Reviews and the evaluation of practice
Appendix 1: Professional capabilities framework
Appendix 2: Subject benchmark for social work

This is a must read for any social work student - accessible for three years of study. Clearly illustrated with good referencing.

Mrs Toni Benaton
Britannia Mill Campus, Derby University
June 5, 2019

A very comprehensive account of professional practice and reflective practice. Very useful for Access students who are intending to study Social Work or Mental Health in Higher Education. Clearly written and very useful

Mrs Michele Ponting
Access to Higher Education, Portslade Aldridge Community Academy
April 29, 2018