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Sociology of Ageing

Sociology of Ageing

  • Gangadhar Karalay - Former Executive Director, NTPC; Member of Academic Council and Chairman, Board of Studies in Rural Services in R. T. M. Nagpur University
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April 2022 | 280 pages | SAGE Texts
A comprehensive textbook that provides an invaluable introduction to the major issues involved in the study of ageing from a sociological perspective.

Sociology of Ageing seeks to analyse the biological, psychological and sociocultural aspects of ageing problems in India. Spanned over 13 chapters, the textbook extensively covers theoretical  and demographic perspectives on ageing, social dimensions, social support, and state policies. It describes the challenges faced by the elderly  and avenues of opportunities available to them to remain actively engaged in life. This textbook widely refers to research works beyond the disciplinary boundary of sociology to help develop a lucid yet critical understanding of sociological ageing.

This textbook will be of interest to the students of sociology, gerontology, health and social care, and professionals working with older people.

Key Features:

• First-of-its-kind textbook focused on the Indian context

• Highlights variability and diversity in ageing processes

• Provides a holistic understanding of each topic 

• Each chapter aided by insightful pedagogical features such as learning outcomes, key terms and points for classroom discussion

Demographic Perspective on Ageing Population
Biological Theories of Ageing
Psychological Theories of Ageing
Theoretical Perspective on Social Ageing
Social Dimensions of Ageing: Social Class
Roles, Ageism
Age Stereotypes and Elderly Issues
Work and Retirement
Social Support
Policies of State for Elderly
Challenges and Opportunities for Ageing Population
Theoretical Perspective on Successful Ageing
Physical and Psychological Strategies for Successful Ageing
Social and Life Strategies for Successful Ageing


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ISBN: 9789354793981