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Sociology of Education

Sociology of Education

September 2015 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

‘An essential student-friendly text for Education Studies.’

Dr Gillian Forrester, Subject Head for Education & Early Childhood Studies, Liverpool John Moores University


‘Introducing students to the complexities of Education Studies is a difficult task and this book will go a long way to making it easier. I will definitely be recommending this to all my students.’

Kevin Brain, Programme Leader, Education Studies, Leeds Trinity University


This textbook explains the basic principles of sociology and relates these concepts to today’s society and education system in order to deepen your understanding of how these issues affect our lives and the world we live in, encouraging you to think critically and to develop a ‘sociological imagination’.


Coverage includes:

  • the wider political and economic context for education in the UK, including an analysis of the reforms of the 2010 coalition government
  • childhood, schooling and pupil voice
  • non-traditional consideration of critical pedagogy, ‘race’ and gender
  • the role of education in a multicultural society
  • inequalities in educational opportunity in terms of class, ethnicity and disability.


This is essential reading for students on undergraduate Education Studies degrees, and for sociology courses covering educational issues.


Sociology and education studies
Early sociology of education
Developments in sociology of education
Critical and radical pedagogies
Differential educational attainment and the debate about intelligence
Multiculturalism, ‘race’ and power
Re-imagining gender roles
Inclusion, disability and special educational needs
The social construction of childhood
Education policy
Young people and pupil voice

This book provides an excellent base for students to begin the process of critical reflection and resistance to dominant hegemonies within educational debates. It will be a stalwart in my reading lists for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in teacher development.

Yvonne Hill
Senior Lecturer, School of Teacher Development, Bishop Grosseteste University

Tomas Boronski and Nasima Hassan provide a comprehensive and very accessible examination of the sociology of education.  They deftly guide the reader though major sociological themes, explore pertinent historical and contemporary issues in education, interweave the perspectives of various sociologists and challenge the reader to engage with sociological ideas through thought-provoking Reading Suggestions and Thinking Points.    An essential, student-friendly text for Education Studies.

Dr Gillian Forrester
Subject Head for Education & Early Childhood Studies at Liverpool John Moores University

An excellent teaching book. It provides an overview of key topics in the sociology of education and education studies that combines depth, breadth and, crucially, accessibility for students. I really like the insightful overviews with prompts for critical thinking which will inform and stimulate students without over-facing them.  Introducing students to the complexities of education studies is a difficult task and this book will go a long way to making it easier.  I will definitely be recommending this to all my students. 

Kevin Brain
Programme Leader, Education Studies, Leeds Trinity University

Sociology of Education by Thomas Boronski and Nasima Hassan is sure to become essential reading for students and academics alike. The book provides useful contextual detail to locate educational theory in the zeitgeist of different historical moments, and in so doing helps clarify the significance of neoliberal ideology for education policy today. Carefully researched and clearly written, this book is both a thorough introduction to the sociology of education and a useful resource for more experienced readers.

Sophie Ward
Lecturer in Education, Durham University

This is a 'modernised' Sociology of Education for all trainee teachers. It is useful for teacher educators too.

Dr Seidu Salifu
Education, North East Surrey college of technology
September 3, 2019

Although roughly half the chapters would enable attainment for my course goals, the others would not. The course I am teaching is Foundations of Education, a first course for many students in teacher education programs at the University of Iowa. At the recommendation of a colleague, I have today requested Sage to send me a review copy of Canetrari and Marlowe's text "Foundations of Education." I am confident this text works in much better alignment with my course goals than than Sociology of Education, the book for which I provide feedback here.

Professor Bruce Fehn
College Of Education, University Of Iowa
November 22, 2016

Extra reading for students studying to mentor others in practice.

Mrs Amanda Hutcherson
St Bart's Schl of Nursing & Midwifery, City University
September 27, 2016

perfect for our course as it combines social issues and education

Ms Heike Griffiths
Social Science, University of Wales Trinity St David
August 26, 2016

This book places education in a sociological context which helps students understand the landscape of their pending practice.

Mrs Jacqueline Ann Taylor
Department of Early Childhood and Education, Newman University
July 1, 2016

This book is an accessible text with key theorists on critical and radical pedagogies. It is insightful and provides a strong foundation for engaging students in critical thinking.

Ms Nakissa Campbell
Dept of Care and Early Years, Weston College
September 14, 2016

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