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Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing

Fourth Edition

October 2021 | 624 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Formerly published by Chicago Business Press, now published by Sage

Sports Marketing, Fourth Edition guides students in gaining a better understanding of how to develop and implement marketing strategies and tactics within the sports marketing industry. Author Sam Fullerton provides thorough coverage of this discipline's two broad perspectives: the marketing of sports products and creating a sports platform as the foundation for the marketing of nonsports products.

PART ONE - The Foundation of Sports Marketing
CHAPTER 1 - Introduction to Sports Marketing
CHAPTER 2 - The Four Domains of Sports Marketing
PART TWO - Marketing Through Sports
CHAPTER 3 - Marketing through Sports Using Theme-Based Strategies
CHAPTER 4 - Traditional Sponsorship
CHAPTER 5 - Marketing of Nonsports Products via a Sports Sponsorship Platform
PART THREE - The Marketing of Sports Products
CHAPTER 6 - Segmentation of the Sports Market
CHAPTER 7 - Product Decisions in Sports Marketing
CHAPTER 8 - Distribution Decisions and Facilities Management in Sports Marketing
CHAPTER 9 - Pricing Decisions in Sports Marketing
CHAPTER 10 - Developing a Promotional Strategy for the Marketing of Sports Products
PART FOUR - Emerging Issues in Sports Marketing
CHAPTER 11 - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the Business of Sports
CHAPTER 12 - Technology in Sports Marketing
CHAPTER 13 - Controversial Issues in Sports Marketing


Key features
  • Provides a fundamental understanding of how to develop and implement marketing strategies and tactics within the sports marketing industry.
  • Delves into the traditional marketing of sports by means of a sports platform.
  • Covers the extended spectrum of marketing through sports, i.e. product endorsement, sponsorships, and merchandising, etc.
  • Explicates market segmentation and its role in the task of delineating target markets.
  • Provides new coverage of the lasting impact of Covid-19 on sports marketing.
  • Offers an abundance of current sports-related examples from various domains to illustrate marketing concepts.
  • Focuses on the extensive global impact of sports marketing.
  • Offers a full chapter on new technologies and their impact on sports marketing.
  • Explains customer relationship management and retention.
  • Discusses controversial issues in sports marketing.
  • Review questions at the end of each chapter facilitate learning and critical thinking.

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