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Find the tools you need to promote your access to SAGE Research Methods


Promote SRM on Campus

SRM Usage Poster WikipediaSRM Usage Poster Method to the Madness

Download the poster PDF, add your own logo* and website information in the editable box, then print it out to hang up and direct users to SAGE Research Methods
*Please note: When adding your library’s logo to these posters,
the logo file must be in .pdf format.


SRM for Research Practitioners

See how SAGE Research Methods can help researchers outside an academic setting:


Banner Ads 

Download one of the banner ads or the logo below for your library's website so that users know they have access to SAGE content. Simply right-click to save the image on your desktop, then use wherever you'd like to promote SAGE Research Methods.

SAGE Research Methods Banner Ad 250 x 110

Choose an SRM banner ad:

199x65 rectangle | 250x110 rectangle 


Which Stats Test banner ad

Which Stats Test banner ad:

250x110 rectangle 



Project Planner banner ad

Project Planner banner ad:

250x110 rectangle




Embed a Search Widget for SAGE Research Methods

Embed a search widget on your library website or subject guides:

<iframe frameborder="0" height="92" src=""">" width="250"></iframe>