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Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility
Sustainable Value Creation

Sixth Edition

September 2022 | 552 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: Sustainable Value Creation (Sixth Edition) redefines corporate social responsibility (CSR) as being central to the value-creating purpose of the firm. Based on a theory of empowered stakeholders, this bestselling text argues that the responsibility of a corporation is to create value, broadly defined. The primary challenge for managers today is to balance the competing interests of the firm’s stakeholders’ understanding that what they expect today may not be what they will expect tomorrow. This tension is what makes CSR so complex and demanding, but it is also what makes CSR integral to the firm’s strategy and day-to-day operations.  In this new Sixth Edition, author David Chandler explores issues around COVID-19, the BLM movement, the supply chain crunch, and the "great resignation."


List of Figures
Preface: Sixth Edition
Plan of the Book
Supplementary Materials
Part I • Corporate Social Responsibility
Chapter 1: What Is CSR?
Chapter 2: The Driving Forces of CSR
Case Study: Religion
Part II • A Stakeholder Perspective
Chapter 3: Stakeholder Theory
Chapter 4: Corporate Stakeholder Responsibility
Case Study: Capitalism
Part III • A Legal Perspective
Chapter 5: Corporate Rights and Responsibilities
Chapter 6: Who Owns the Firm?
Case Study: Media
Part IV • A Behavioral Perspective
Chapter 7: Markets and Profit
Chapter 8: Compliance and Accountability
Case Study: Investing
Part V • A Strategic Perspective
Chapter 9: Strategy + CSR
Chapter 10: Strategic CSR
Case Study: Supply Chain
Part VI • A Sustainable Perspective
Chapter 11: Sustainability
Chapter 12: Sustainable Value Creation
Final Thoughts
Appendix • Implementing Strategic CSR
About the Author

"Comprehensive topic coverage, including international CSR strategies. Good framework for discussing various CSR topics, e.g.
Citizens United case. Students comment favorably on the text"

Marta Szabo White
Georgia State University

"CSR provides an overview of key concepts relating to the practice and strategic purpose of CSR in business and society."

Lorra Brown
William Paterson University

Great Content....needs a "SAGE VANTAGE" site though.

Professor Jaysen Van Sickle
Management, University Of Kansas - Lawrence
May 15, 2024

A pioneer book back in its 1st edition, which is getting better and better at each new edition.

Professor Miguel Athayde Marques
Business Administration, Universidade Católica Portuguesa
November 6, 2023
Key features

NEW TO THIS EDITION:                 

  • Updated examples around COVID-19, BLM, the supply chain crunch, and the great resignation have been added.  
  • A significantly revised case study on Media has been re-written to reflect the latest updates in social media, including the Facebook/Meta rebrand.     
  • New chapter learning objectives appear at the beginning of each chapter. 
  • 22 new figures have been added to help visual learners understand complex concepts.    


  • Unique perspective analyzes CSR from a legal, behavioral, strategic, and sustainable perspectives.
  • Redefines CSR as central to the value-creating purpose of the firm and unpacks how firms get improve the implantation of strategic CSR practices.
  • Case studies illustrate how CSR affects all aspects of a firm’s operations and include examples from corporations such as Facebook and Starbucks.
  • Each of the book's 12 chapters and five cases include a Strategic CSR Debate Motion, as well as five Questions for Discussion and Review, that bring the scope and complexity of CSR to life in the classroom.
  • An international perspective, supported by multiple examples, emphasizes the multi-cultural challenges of CSR and conducting business in a global context.    

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