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Success into Secondary

Success into Secondary
Supporting Transition with Circle Time

March 2004 | 54 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book is the result of more than 6 years of work in schools in Hertfordshire, helping children make the transition from primary education to the big school.

The 6 sessions are based on a Circle Time approach and supplemented by follow-up activities. Each session has comprehensive teacher instructions with the necessary worksheets. A memory map technique provides a unifying element to the programme.

Issues covered include:

" bullying

" friendship

" meeting new people

" organisation and induction day

Teacher comments include: The vulnerable children seem less worried.

The programme was a success and made the children more confident and less anxious.

Childrens comments include: Many of the worries I had are now gone and I cant wait for secondary school. Eleanor

Helped me with confidence and facing my fears such as bullying. Daniel.

An interactive and fun approach using Circle Time techniques to assist all teachers who want to help Year 6 pupils make a successful transition.

Session 1: Rules

Session 2: Bullying

Session 3: Friendship

Session 4: Assertiveness and Meeting New People

Session 5: Fears, Expectations and Personal Qualities

Session 6: Induction Day