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Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics
Strategies, Models and Solutions

July 2022 | 508 pages | SAGE Texts
An easy-to-read textbook that will help students to understand and appreciate the concepts and decision-making processes of supply chain management through analytics.

This book presents the concepts, strategies and models related to supply chains. Using accessible quantitative models, it provides a unified framework for supply chain analytics for products—right from sourcing to manufacturing to delivery to remanufacturing, which closes the supply chain. The book synthesizes a collection of analytical models in the context of both formulation and solution of the problems in all the areas of supply chain.

The textbook provides its readers with the tools and skills necessary to understand supply chains analytically and quantitatively and opens opportunities for them to play around with the concepts through exercises and examples. This book will be ideal for students of management who want to get a better understanding of supply chain analytics.

Key Features:

• Contains over 10 case studies of real Indian companies—their supply chain problems and solutions

• Includes sections on system dynamic models, stochastic models and chapters on remanufacturing models and simulation modelling

• Uses Microsoft Excel solver to help students easily grasp the mathematics behind the models and experiment with the problems themselves. 

Foreword by Gautam Sinha
Understanding Supply Chain
Inventory Models
Sourcing Decisions
Production Planning Decisions
Production Control Decisions
Data mining and Aggregation Model
Transportation and Network Planning Models
Location and Network Design Models
Simulation and Stochastic Models
Re-manufacturing Models – Way Forward

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ISBN: 9789354794124