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Systemic Family Therapy DVD Series

Systemic Family Therapy DVD Series
Demonstrations of Theory to Practice

December 2011 | SAGE Publications, Inc

This set of DVDs highlights and accompanies the different theoretical approaches featured in Jon Winek’s Systemic Family Therapy. The set contains seven DVDs, each of which contains a full demonstration of a family therapy interview. The DVDs open with an introduction to the approach and to the therapist, followed by a role play session and commentary from the therapist. The therapist discusses what issues were presented in the session and their conceptualization of the presenting problem. The therapeutic models covered include the following:

  • Behavioral Family Therapy
  • Brief Family Therapy
  • Emotionally Focused Family Therapy
  • Experiential Family Therapy
  • Strategic/Medical Family Therapy
  • Constructivist Family Therapy
  • Structural/Strategic Family Therapy

Sample Clips:

Brief Family Therapy Intro 

Brief Family Therapy Session

Constructive Family Therapy Intro

Constructive Family Therapy Session

Key features
Key Features
  • Provides the most comprehensive set of family therapy DVDs available, covering a wide array of family structures including couples, single parents, mixed race and ethnicity couples/families, LGBT families/couples, and more
  • Illustrates each theoretical approach to family therapy, allowing both students and professionals to see how each theory shapes clinical practice
  • Follows a similar format for each therapist so students can easily see the difference among approaches.

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