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Introduction to Education

Fifth Edition
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February 2023 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The fifth edition of the best-selling Teach by Janice Koch aims to help students answer the question, “Is teaching the right career for me?” Via a concise but wide-ranging exploration of the American public education system, Teach asks readers to imagine themselves in the classroom and develop their own ideas of what it means to be a teacher. Real-life classroom stories from teachers themselves help readers see themselves as teachers. Chapters feature the latest edTPA and InTasc Standards to structure learning, as well as learning outcomes and journal prompts to give readers clear goals and ways to build their teaching skills.

This new edition features major emerging issues in education, including developments in technology in the classroom, with both positive and negative implications; more on the STEM, STEAM, and maker movements; school choice and homeschooling; sexual orientation and gender identity; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and the importance of personal wellness in teacher success. Throughout the text, the author references and contextualizes the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, where appropriate, to reflect the ways students, teachers, and classrooms have been altered by this historic event.

Combining historical and contemporary perspectives, this text helps future teachers examine the ways in which society and culture shape schools and the ways in which schools shape society and culture.

Part I • Thinking About Teaching: Making The Decision
Chapter 1 • Becoming a Teacher: Looking Forward and Backward at the Same Time
Chapter 2 • Teaching Stories
Part II • Educational Foundations: History And Instructional Practices
Chapter 3 • A History of Schooling in America
Chapter 4 • What Does It Mean to Teach and to Learn?
Part III • Looking At Today’s Schools
Chapter 5 • Who Are Today’s Students?
Chapter 6 • Contemporary Trends in Education
Chapter 7 • Classroom Teaching and Technology
Chapter 8 • The Global Classroom
Part IV • Classrooms, Communities, And You
Chapter 9 • The Classroom as Community
Chapter 10 • Making the Decision to Become a Teacher
Appendix 1 • Building Your Teaching Portfolio
Appendix 2 • How to Contact Your State’s Teacher Licensure Offices


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Instructor Resource Site
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Key features


  • Incorporation of the effects of COVID-19 in the classroom throughout the text, but especially in Chapter 3, address the experiences of students and teachers during the school shutdown in historical and contemporary contexts.
  • New stories and commentaries from teachers help students focus on the challenges and benefits of teaching today.
  • A heavily-revised Chapter 5: Who Are Today’s Students? includes new sections on Anti-racist Teaching, Gender Identity, and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy to give a fuller portrait of today’s students.
  • Chapter 6: Contemporary Trends in Education has also been revised to include expanded sections on Social and Emotional Learning, School Choice, and Charter Schools to better reflect issues in today’s schools.
  •  Chapter 7: Classroom Teaching and Technology has also been heavily revised, with a new section on The Transition to 1-1 Computing and new information on Google Classroom, Padlet, TikTok and the digital divide. Out-of-date technology and sections have been removed to better focus on current technology and trends.
  • The latest technologies, such as social media, tablets, and online mentoring, have been incorporated throughout the text, not just in Chapter 7, to better situate classrooms in current practices.
  •  Learning Outcomes have been fully revised to better focus on the progression of skills and content.


  • Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) standards are now connected in every chapter.
  • Each chapter features stories from teachers and classroom observations that bring authenticity to the content.
  • End-of-chapter pedagogy supports student comprehension by summarizing learning outcomes, listing important key terms, providing journal prompts, and positioning succinct review questions that speak to the chapter’s themes and content.
  • Brief yet comprehensive chapters present material in an engaging and accessible format, without sacrificing important content.
  • Writing and Reflection boxes help students explore teaching as a possible profession.
  • Authenticity is rooted throughout the text with stories from real teachers and opportunities for students to reflect on their connection with the material via Writing and Reflection boxes.
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