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Teaching About Culture, Ethnicity, and Diversity

Teaching About Culture, Ethnicity, and Diversity
Exercises and Planned Activities

December 1997 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Engaging and sophisticated, Teaching About Culture, Ethnicity & Diversity is a book of easy-to-use classroom and training exercises that are intended for use in teaching about culture, ethnicity, and diversity. Editor Theodore M. Singelis offers tools for teachers and trainers who strive to increase understanding of and communication between ethnic and racial groups. This pragmatic volume is arranged so that users may easily draw on activities to involve students and bring abstract concepts into the realm of the students' own experiences. Although there are common themes that run through the book, each exercise is presented as a self-contained unit with clear instructions, handouts, discussion suggestions, and a concise explanation of the research-based concept that is illuminated by the activity. The first section contains exercises that vary in focus and includes topics such as ethnography, time, and disability. The second section focuses on culture and behavior, while the third centers on identity, stereotypes, and personal perception. Finally, the book concludes with exercises that highlight the cultural construction of reality. A practical tool for both teachers and trainers, Teaching About Culture, Ethnicity, and Diversity will be invaluable in the fields of clinical/counseling psychology, social psychology, cross-cultural psychology, business, management, communication, ethnic studies, and cultural studies.

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