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Teaching Character in the Primary Classroom

Teaching Character in the Primary Classroom

First Edition

April 2016 | 200 pages | Learning Matters

"Teaching Character in the Primary Classroom provides an excellent and very accessible overview of the emerging field of character education. It covers, in detail, the theory of character education as well as advice and guidance about how this should be applied in practice in primary schools."    

Professor James Arthur, University of Birmingham

Character matters. 

As more and more schools are choosing to teach Character Education, trainee and beginning teachers need to know more.  What is Character Education? Can it really be 'taught'? How does children's learning benefit from discussions around character in the classroom? How do I teach it? What does good teaching of Character Education look like in the classroom?

Teaching Character Education in Primary schools tackles these questions, and many more. This is a practical guide to why and how we can teach character in primary schools. It begins by exploring why character matters and considers what 'character' is and (importantly) what it is not. It goes on to discuss the place for teaching character in primary education and includes practical guidance on how it can be taught. The text also looks at character beyond the classroom, how parents and the wider community can be included in the teaching of character and how outdoor learning and education can contribute.

This book is written for all those who are new to teaching character.  

Part 1: Introduction to teaching character
Character matters
What is character education?
Character education: theory and measurement
Character education: taught and caught
Part 2: Character education – taught
A taught course in character education
Teaching character through the curriculum
Assessing and evaluating character education
Part 3: Character education – caught
Whole-school approaches to teaching character
Teachers as character educators
Building character through co-curricular programmes
Working with parents and the community
Part 4: Appendices – supporting materials
How to become a school of character – self audit
A framework for character education in the UK
Character education teaching resources

...A perfect academic background... character education is of utmost importance in our current educational climate...Alongside the work of the Jubilee Centre of Character and Virtues, this book will help lead the way in the UK, and global, education systems to put character education at the heart of learning.

Keith Ellis, Deputy Headteacher at Oakthorpe Primary School
Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 2: What is character education?

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