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Teaching in Higher Education

Teaching in Higher Education

First Edition
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April 2013 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book is designed to take you step by step through each teaching experience you will face. It includes advice, practical exercises, top tips and words of warning on:  


- seminar presentations to your peers

- leading undergraduate seminars

- choosing material for teaching

- preparing productive teaching aids

- giving lectures

- dynamic learning environments

- handling assessment

- success as a guest speaker

- mentoring

 This is a practical 'how-to' guide which is supported throughout by accessible explorations of how teaching can support your research. Written by lecturers who have taught for many years, the 'voice of experience' sections will support and encourage you in your move towards becoming a successful and confident educator.

The Success in Research series, from Cindy Becker and Pam Denicolo, provides short, authoritative and accessible guides on key areas of professional and research development.  

Avoiding jargon and cutting to the chase of what you really need to know, these practical and supportive books cover a range of areas from presenting research to achieving impact, and from publishing journal articles to developing proposals. They are essential reading for any student or researcher interested in developing their skills and broadening their professional and methodological knowledge in an academic context.

Why Teach?
Seminar Presentations to Your Peers
Leading an Undergraduate Seminar
Dynamic Learning Environments
Productive Teaching Aids
Handling Assessment
Glossary of Assessment Terms


Success in Research free tools
A collection of free tips, exercises and resources from all books in the Success in Research series

'If you are considering teaching or are new to the role, this book contains invaluable advice which will not only help you to get started but will help you to make teaching a rewarding, life-long career!'
- Serena Simmons, Nottingham Trent University

This is an excellent source for anyone about to or currently teaching in HE. It gives great check lists for you to use to improve.

Mrs Jane Cuthbert
Dental Academy, Portsmouth University
August 14, 2023

This text provides a helpful, basic introduction to a range of practices/concepts for those new to teaching in HE.

Dr Alyson Lewis
SOCSI, Cardiff University
June 16, 2023

Not adopted to the programme but incredibly helpful for me personally as a lecturer, so will be recommending to my colleagues

Mrs Angela Rose Woodley
Nursing, University of the Highlands And Islands
October 17, 2022

its really good for tips on different ways to deliver things

Jennifer Stewart
Health & Social Care (Warrington), Chester University
May 5, 2016

I will recommend this to fellow academics who are learning to teach. The content is useful for theoretical essays and there is advice given on implementation of concepts in classroom practice. Most of the main teaching modes (lectures and tutorials) are covered in detail.

Mr Kenneth Anthony Wilkinson
Dept of Marketing, Ops & Digital Busin, Manchester Metropolitan University
February 18, 2016

Would recommend this to students who are undertaking their research in educational settings, but not always appropriate given its pedagogic focus. Great for me as a lecturer, though!

Ms Victoria Pagan
Business School, Newcastle University
June 22, 2015

A good text book. Constructive ideas in delivery of teaching; suitable for PGCE students.

Mrs Yetunde Akinnuoye
Health and Social Sciences, Middlesex University
May 17, 2015

A good book to read. Good and constructive ideas in the process and delivery of teaching

Dr George Varvatsoulias
Counselling, Newham College of Further Education
April 25, 2015

The book focussed on seminars and lectures, with very little on flipped classrooms, on-line or distance learning. The assessment sections were also very traditional and rather dated, focussing on exam and essay marking.

Mrs Udeni Salmon
Salford Business School, Salford University
September 30, 2015

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Sample chapter - Chapter One: Introduction

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