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The ABC of CBT

The ABC of CBT

December 2020 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The ABC of CBT introduces you to the basics of CBT, guiding you through how to apply the key principles, techniques and strategies across a range of disorders. Featuring case studies and worksheets, the book will support you to successfully incorporate CBT into your professional practice.

1. What is CBT?
2. Developing a working alliance
3. Structuring your CBT session
4. Structuring a course of CBT
5. Formulating problems
6. Assessing problems
7. Socratic Methods: Enquiry, reflection and logs
8. Socratic Methods: Behavioural interventions
9. Your basic CBT ‘toolkit’
10. Building on the basics: Taking things forward

Clear and useful chapters with good client focus

Ms Monique Carole Maroney
Psychology, University of East London
March 31, 2022

This is an invaluable book for all trainee CBT therapists and integrative trainee counsellors wanting to understand the basics of CBT. It is structured well and addresses the main points for the ethical application of CBT.
Key aspects and techniques are clearly explained, including guidance on how to use socratic methods.
The book also includes a number of useful worksheets as well as guidance on how to assess and formulate problems.

Mrs Ana Paula Wellbrook
Counselling and Psychology, City Lit
December 18, 2021

Sample Materials & Chapters

The ABC of CBT - Chapter 9

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