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The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
New Developments in Data Collection: Linking Data across Levels

February 2017 | 197 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Social and behavioral scientists face challenges when collecting data in a meaningful, cumulative, and representative way. Big data—data as a result of our lives rather than designed for research purposes—is one of the most recent innovations in digital communication that has given researchers a new form of information to access.

 In this volume of The ANNALS the task of linking a broad supply of information—from administrative data, to social media, to census and surveys, to ethnographic data, to data from randomized controlled trials—to address how humans and their communities make decisions is addressed. The importance of these linkages is demonstrated in the research that was presented at the New Data Linkages conference and is compiled in this volume.

Sandra Hofferth, Emilio F. Moran, Barbara Entwisle, J. Lawrence Aber, Henry E. Brady, Dalton Conley, Susan L. Cutter, Catherine C. Eckel, Darrick Hamilton, and Klaus Hubacek
Introduction: History and Motivation
Michael D. M. Bader, Stephen J. Mooney, Blake Bennett, and Andrew G. Rundle
The Promise, Practicalities, and Perils of Virtually Auditing Neighborhoods Using Google Street View
Christopher R. Browning, Catherine A. Calder, Jodi L. Ford, Bethany Boettner, Anna L. Smith, and Dana Haynie
Understanding Racial Differences in Exposure to Violent Areas: Integrating Survey, Smartphone, and Administrative Data Resources
Amy O’Hara, Rachel M. Shattuck, and Robert M. Goerge
Linking Federal Surveys with Administrative Data to Improve Research on Families
Hongying Dai, Brian R. Lee, and Jianqiang Hao
Predicting Asthma Prevalence by Linking Social Media Data and Traditional Surveys
Jean Digitale, Stephanie Psaki, Erica Soler-Hampejsek, and Barbara S. Mensch
Correlates of Contraceptive Use and Health Facility Choice among Young Women in Malawi
Tammy Leonard, Amy E. Hughes, and Sandi L. Pruitt
Understanding How Low–Socioeconomic Status Households Cope with Health Shocks: An Analysis of Multisector Linked Data
Elizabeth Fussell, Sara R. Curran, Matthew Dunbar, Michael A. Babb, LuAnne Thompson, and Jacqueline Meijer-Irons
Weather-Related Hazards and Population Change: A Study of Hurricanes and Tropical Storms in the United States, 1980–2012

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