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The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
Do Networks Help People to Manage Poverty? Perspectives from the Field

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June 2020 | 204 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
One’s ability to manage the trials of poverty depends on their networks—the relationships, support, information, and resources they cultivate from them. Social ties come with obligations; whether networks ultimately help or hinder those living in poverty remains in question. 

This volume of The ANNALS examines the uncertain role of network systems in the context of low-income populations in the 21st century. Applying new fieldwork from subject experts across the globe, this volume highlights networks and the complex relationships that shape them, the local organizations that foster them, and the policy changes needed to bolster their value in times of economic distress. 
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Miranda J. Lubbers, Hugo Valenzuela, Mario Small
Mercedes González de la Rocha
Of Morals and Markets: Social Exchange and Poverty in Contemporary Urban Mexico
Olga Biosca, Neil McHugh, Fatma Ibrahim, Rachel Baker, Tim Laxton and Cam Donaldson
Walking a Tightrope: Using Financial Diaries to Investigate Day-to-Day Financial Decisions and the Social Safety Net of the Financially Excluded
Miranda J. Lubbers, Hugo Valenzuela, Paula Escribano, José Luis Molina, Antònia Casellas, Jorge Grau Rebollo
Relationships Stretched Thin: Social Support Mobilization in Poverty
Mario L. Small, Leah Gose
How Do Low-Income People Form Survival Networks? The Role of Routine Organizations as Brokers
Joan M. Mazelis
My Crying Is Not a Cry by Itself: Building Sustainable Social Ties through a Poor People’s Organization
Paul Stretesky, Margaret Anne Defeyter, Michael A. Long, Zeibeda Sattar, Eilish Crilley
Holiday Clubs as Community Organizations
Ezgi Güler
A Divided Sisterhood: Support Networks of Transgender Sex Workers in Urban Turkey
Basak Bilecen
Gaining the Upper Hand: Perspectives on Asymmetries of Transnational Social Protection
Katherine Newman

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