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The Business of Innovation

The Business of Innovation

First Edition

May 2017 | 325 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Moving beyond the narrow confines of a "how to" of innovation management, The Business of Innovation sets out to track, trace, and provide testimonies of innovation practice in small to large-scale organizations from countries around the world.

Through a combination of contemporary economic and social theory, along with an array of practical examples from a wide range of sectors and industries, author Jay Mitra offers critical insight into how global innovation works, where it works, and most importantly, who makes it work, with an emphasis on innovative women.

Suitable for postgraduate, doctoral, and MBA students on business management and innovation courses, as well as practitioners looking for a critical insight into the business of innovation.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Technological Change and Innovation
Chapter 2: The Innovative Environment
Chapter 3: Systems and Institutions of Innovation
Chapter 4: Innovation Policy and the Role of Government
Chapter 5: The Characteristics and Features of Innovative Organisations
Chapter 6: Innovation and the Types and Size of Firms
Chapter 7: Innovative People
Chapter 8: Types of Innovation
Chapter 9: The Process of Innovation
Chapter 10: Forms of Innovation
Chapter 11: Measuring Innovation

‘Innovation is driving economic and societal change, but it is still a myth or a black box. Professor Jay Mitra's new book dissects the myth and sheds light into the black box. The Business of Innovation is a brilliant, comprehensive tool to understand the critical factor dominating the knowledge economy in the 21st century.’

Sergio Arzeni
President, International Network for SMEs (INSME) Former Director, OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship

‘Edith Penrose memorably remarked that entrepreneurship was a slippery concept, in part because it reflected the diverse temperament and personal qualities of individuals. In The Business of Innovation, Jay Mitra successfully overcomes that slippery challenge by documenting how entrepreneurs bring about the conversion of innovative ideas into marketable products. His target audiences are high-end students and policy-makers. Both groups will appreciate this careful review of the evidence on how entrepreneurship “works”.'

Professor David Storey, OBE
Professor of Enterprise (Business and Management) University of Sussex, UK

‘No doubt innovation is decisive to make our future world a worthwhile place to live in. The Business of Innovation is outstanding in focusing on the macro and micro aspects of innovation as well as on the not less crucial view on innovation as a process. It does not only deal with innovative organizations and environments, but also with innovative people - mostly neglected in compilations on innovation research. Particular attention deserves the emphasis on innovative women. Once again, Jay Mitra provides a deeply-delving study which presents an overall picture just as much as an in-depth analysis. Jay Mitra argues with acute perception – precise, prudent, critical and with foresight. This book is rounded off by vivid illustrations and cases from different areas in the world. It will be a must read at the library of our new MCI Innovation Lab and I recommend this book to every reader interested in innovation research and practice.’

Dr Silke Tegtmeier
President-elect, European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship

‘In a world characterized by accelerated dynamism, innovation is a sine qua non for everyone irrespective of their life and work conditions. While this is the overall message conveyed by Jay Mitra’s new book, The Business of Innovation, he goes much beyond to provide a comprehensive analysis of the phenomenon highlighting its macro, micro and processual level features, operations and impact. Though the book is positioned primarily for graduate and research students, it is indeed a must-read for all who struggle to manage their lives in a VUCA world.’

Professor Mathew J. Manimala
Director, XIME Bangalore, India

‘This book offers a fresh look on the different facets of innovation processes. Jay Mitra says what it takes to be innovative. In combining the key economic and social theories with the empirical evidence he provides animating advice for global innovation practice as well as important guidance for politicians! The Business of Innovation is an excellent guidebook for students, practitioners and all other who are interested in the issue.’

Professor Dr Michael Fritsch
Professor of Economics and Chair of Business Dynamics, Innovation, and Economic Change - Friedrich Schiller Universitat, Jena, Germany

This valuable textbook introduces fundamental concepts related to innovation and entrepreneurship not only at the micro-level but also with taking into account the meso-level and macro-level. Thus, this book is helpful in teaching business-related courses and classes focused on public policies, such as innovation policy and entrepreneurship policy. The volume contains valuable sections with self-assessment and research questions. However, it would be more useful if there were a glossary and more examples related to digital entrepreneurship.

Dr Andrzej Klimczuk
Social Science, Warsaw School of Economics
November 21, 2023

A useful book that gives a macro and micro level overview, as well as reference to process. For me I would have liked to see a little more around practical implementation, as such if I recommend this to my students, it will likely be as a reference to dip in and out of, rather than as a full text to study.

Mr Guy Boosey
Business, South Devon College
March 30, 2020

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 7 - Innovative People