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The Business of Tourism

The Business of Tourism

11th Edition
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December 2019 | 744 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Tourism as an industry is constantly changing: Trends and attitudes are frequently susceptible to changes in what people look for in a holiday, which can change with economic context, generational shifts or the political landscape. In The Business of Tourism, Chris Holloway and Claire Humphreys help students to not only understand these new changes but to study them with a critical mindset.

An essential text for students of tourism management or travel & tourism, its historical context is combined with background theory and research, plus up-to-date international case studies, to examine in detail the tourism product alongside its impacts and the nature of a tourist. 

This classic book has constantly offered a well-rounded yet hands-on business view of the tourism industry, and this updated edition is no exception, providing:

  • Depth and breadth of coverage makes it a ‘one stop shop’ for students looking to purchase just one textbook during their degree
  • A focus on ‘business’ and the operational aspects of tourism give the text an applied feel rather than a descriptive overview, making it useful for any student wishing to work or take a placement in one of the many diverse sectors of the tourism industry
  • History chapter that is not included in other texts, which gives a stimulating historical perspective to students for whom an understanding of the development of the tourism industry through the ages is desirable for success in assessments

Part 1: Defining and Analysing Tourism and its Impacts
Chapter 1: An Introduction to Tourism
Chapter 2: Tourism in its Historial Context
Chapter 3: The Demand for Tourism
Chapter 4: The Economic Impacts of Tourism
Chapter 5: The Socio-Cultural Impacts of Tourism
Chapter 6: The Environmental Impacts of Tourism
Part 2: The Travel and Tourism Product
Chapter 7: The Structure and Organization of the Travel and Tourism Industry
Chapter 8: Tourist Destinations
Chapter 9: Tourist Attractions
Chapter 10: Event Tourism
Chapter 11: Business Tourism
Chapter 12: The Hospitality Sector: Accommodation and Catering Services
Chapter 13: Tourist Transport by Air
Chapter 14: Tourist Transport by Water
Chapter 15: Tourist Transport on Land
Part 3: Intermediaries in the Provision of Travel and Tourism Services
Chapter 16: The Management of Visitors
Chapter 17: The Structure and Role of the Public Sector in Tourism
Chapter 18: Tour Operating
Chapter 19: Selling and Distributing Travel and Tourism
Chapter 20: Ancillary Tourism Services


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A very detailed text on all angles of business operation in the field of tourism. Great insights and updated reflections on long-established theories.

Mr Ollie Brook
Facility of Education and Humanities, City of Glasgow College
May 14, 2020

A concise guide to the business of Tourism.

Mrs Sian Pitson
Swansea Business School (Swansea), University of Wales, Trinity St David
July 8, 2020

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 6: The Environmental Impacts