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The Cognitive Sciences

The Cognitive Sciences
An Interdisciplinary Approach

Second Edition

An interdisciplinary introduction to the cognitive sciences, including historical development and classic research studies

January 2013 | 440 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Cognitive Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Approach, Second Edition offers an engaging, thorough introduction to the cognitive sciences. Authors Carolyn Sobel and Paul Li examine the historical and contemporary issues and research findings of the core cognitive science disciplines: cognitive psychology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, linguistics, evolutionary psychology, and philosophy. For each of these core disciplines, the historical development and classic research studies are presented in one chapter and current research development and issues follow in a second chapter, offering students a broad understanding of the development of each concentration in the cognitive sciences. The text presents a student-friendly approach to understanding how each discipline has contributed to the growth of cognitive science and the implications for future research.

Chapter 1. Early Approaches to the Study of Human Cognition
Chapter 2. The Approach of Cognitive Science
Chapter 3. Exploring the Brain
Chapter 4. Modern Technology and Research
Chapter 5. Setting the Stage for Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 6. The Machine Performs
Chapter 7. What Linguistics Is About
Chapter 8. The Role of Linguistics in Cognitive Science
Chapter 9. Evolutionary Psychology
Chapter 10. Philosophical Issues in Cognitive Science
Chapter 11. Who Are We?

A good outline and introduction.
Suitable for those looking to increase their knowledge and supplement their main course reading

Mr Marcus Percy
School of Nursing , Midwifery & Social W., Univ. of Manchester
March 24, 2015

The book provides a nice introduction to cognitive science for students with an easy to understand writing style. My course attracts students from computer science, biochemistry, and other science fields. These students do not have the background that psychology students have. The book is useful with such a diverse type of class.

Mr Shelia Kennion
Psychology Dept, Oklahoma State University
January 20, 2015

The book offers comprehensive overview of cognitive sciences and is highly suitable for the preparatory course for master students. Excellent teacher and student companion site makes it an even more valuable addition to an intensive two-week course, since self-study phase can be clearly steered by the resources the site provides.

Ms Anna Soltyska
Zentrum fuer Fremdsprachenausbildung ZFA, Ruhr-Univ. Bochum
July 18, 2014

Not only did I find this book applying well to understanding brain function and human behaviour throughout natural development, but the book (being interdisciplinary) works well as a key textbook for any student of the social sciences to keep handy. A worthy book for any student's bookcase!

Mr Cal Cooper
Division of Psychology, Northampton Univ.
June 24, 2014

Supplement to course readings.

Mrs Tina Gates
Business, American University
September 10, 2013
Key features


  • Includes a new chapter on evolutionary psychology, an important emerging field in the cognitive sciences.
  • Offers fully updated research, including subjects such as embodied cognition and extended cognition (philosophy), bilingualism indicating its wide-ranging effects on brain capabilities (linguistics), and current work in neuroplasticity (neuroscience).
  • A new image program helps illustrate new and key concepts in the text.
  • The companion website contains helpful pedagogical features to aid faculty and students.

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