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The Conscientious Manager

The Conscientious Manager
Nurturing Workplace Ethics and Synergies

Business Ethics

August 2021 | 292 pages | SAGE Response
At the core of innovation and growth in any organization lies a driven and motivated team player who needs to be constantly nurtured and ennobled with a great value system and workplace ethics. The Conscientious Manager brings out several dimensions of workplace dynamics through powerful storytelling to help promote a sense of belongingness and synergy in the workplace. The themes portrayed in the book are based on diversity, facing disruptions, ownership and accountability, importance of genuine feedback, learning from experts, mentoring, professional gratitude and others. By offering the readers a holistic learning experience of workplace morals and dilemmas such as personal, interpersonal, cultural and leadership, the book prepares them to face the workplace with empathy, respect, commitment and confidence.  
Foreword by Harish Bhat
Beyond the Mist: Importance of Context
Mop Stick: On Ownership and Accountability
On the Sidelines: Dealing with Naysayers
Finding Your Level
Volleying Nicely
One Shot, a Lifetime of Practice: Facing Disruptions with Persistence
Surviving Fire, Enriching Others
Beyond the Shell
A Matter of Principle
Three Questions
The Foundation
Speaking Respectfully
Fist Bump: A Corona Story
The Enemy Around
Seek or Speak
Jump with You
Dive and Return
If All You Can Is Dig
The Spring, the Cave and the Little Girl
The Demanding Hill: Empathetic Leadership
The Hidden Treasure
At the Core of It All
True Power: Identity vs Reputation

‘Conscientious’ comes from the root word ‘conscience’, which gives a person a sense of right and wrong to guide one’s behaviour. We live in challenging times which are likely to put us on horns of dilemma. The Conscientious Manager by Phani Medicharla comes like a breath of fresh air to refresh youngsters, learners and leaders in the context of their life. The stories speak to your heart, the examples tell you it is possible and, importantly, the questions nudge you to action. It is a delight to savour.

Emmanuel David
Director, Tata Management Training Centre; Strategic Leader, Influencer and Coach

Phani Medicharla has written a wonderfully readable book full of wisdom which applies to business and life. The book is organized in bite-sized, memorable tales which combine our childhood love of stories with our adult desire to extract knowledge from life experience. The result is guide to interpersonal challenges and organizational dynamics in business that you won’t be able to put down or forget.

Dr Tanya Menon
Professor of Management and Human Resources, Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University

This collection of short stories is a tour de force in humanity and human interaction. Questioning our values and beliefs as well as how we interact with each other through a series of pointed tales which often holds up a mirror and forces the reader to consider their own actions is brilliantly done in the book, with subtle humour and little moralizing, taking the reader on a journey of self-discovery and learning. This is from a writer who is at the sharp end of technology, well versed in all things—artificial intelligence, automation and the next wave of information technology innovation—and yet spends a lot of time and effort on the people side of that revolution. I think he knows something we should all be aware of. Enjoy!

Jan Steenberg
FCILT, Honorary Secretary and Trustee, Chairman of The Education Standards Committee, The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport-International

The art of storytelling is to make the tale relatable to the reader. Phani Medicharla crafts these stories masterfully, ensuring that powerful themes are interwoven into enjoyable narratives, engaging the reader with endearment and connectedness to the characters. The themes are the lessons and ethics of life, of how we should treat one another whether in the business world or socially. Any manager reading this book will be better enabled to empower their team, and any member of a team reading this book will be more empowered.

Dr Raj Joshi
Expedition Leader, Adventurer, Extreme Medicine Specialist, Patron & Advisory Board, World Extreme Medicine; ‘Seven Summits’ Summiteer (Highest Mountain on Every Continent); Inspirational Speaker, Change Management Expert

In The Conscientious Manager, Phani Medicharla gives us timeless workplace wisdom in a very compelling manner. He masterfully leverages the art of storytelling in highlighting key workplace dilemmas and follows it up with key insights and practical suggestions. The book is relevant not only for business management but for life in general, and the format with contextual stories gently leading into more concrete learnings is both holistic and specific in an elegant combination. You will not regret reading it!

Johan Prom
Board Member, SBAB, Ex-CEO, Avanza

Of the six Ms of management—money, machines, methods, material and minutes—the sixth M, men or people, is the most important. It is humans who give relevance to the other five Ms. This is the most important message of this book. It nudges every reader to reflect on fundamental issues connected with workplace ethics. It underscores the importance of every individual in the team and the role he/she can play in creating synergies and collaborating with fellow team members. It urges purpose-driven professionals to contribute to an inspiring work culture. And all this is conveyed through the medium of simple yet heart-warming stories. In today’s stressful work life, there is need for literature that encourages members of this complex corporate ecosystem to find their true purpose at work and achieve it conscientiously. To this end, the author has made a valuable contribution.

Dr Shashank Shah
Bestselling Author of The Tata Group, Win-Win Corporations and Soulful Corporations

The world is in great need for people with value-based orientation in their lives. Especially with the backdrop of advancements in artificial intelligence and technology, the need for humane direction and value-based answers is even more relevant. I hope that this book written by Phani Medicharla will be used as a guideline towards finding such value-based answers to aid daily decisions in a practical manner. I wish that the readers work through the book as a guideline following the examples and experiences shared and derive benefit for their own contexts.

Folker Mittag
Member of Initiatives of Change for Business Secretariat; Former Financial Director and General Manager in a German Multinational Firm

Phani has done an exemplary job of describing ‘the conscientious manager’. He brings together his years of expertise into an interesting and readable book on the workplace dynamics and diverse issues surrounding that. As a reader, it reminds you of the challenges that you would be facing at the workplace and overcoming them. The best part about the book is the list of actionable items that the readers can draw from. If you can actionize some of them, it will bring in a major change to the way you will be looking at your career. His stories and insights are easy to relate with and helps you revisit your memories. A must-read for working professionals.

Dr Hory Sankar Mukerjee
Principal—Education, Training and Assessment, Infosys Limited

For a topic which excessively covers malpractice and fraud, the proactive and positive narrative of this book is fresh; it provides a guide to build the foundation of an ethical culture with conviction. Phani’s workplace insights, told through an engaging storyline, give a strong argument for being a ‘conscientious manager’.

Dr Anita Shantaram
Founder, Ethics India, a Legasis Company; Head, The Compliance and Ethics Academy

Living up to the title, The Conscientious Manager, this book speaks to you at the level of conscience and makes you reflect on seemingly routine choices which have a profound impact on your career trajectory. Written with years of minute observations of workplace challenges, dilemmas and opportunities, it is an engaging, practical and inspiring book. The Conscientious Manager belongs to everyone who aspires to be a better person, colleague and leader.

Atul Mathur
Author of Writing High-quality Standard Operating Procedures and Break Free: A Practical Guide to Getting a New Job

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